Sunday, January 24, 2010

new documentary teaser!

watch this!
I really like it, although I notice that I tilt my head in a weird way and need to try to stop doing that on camera.


Anonymous said...

i think this is going to be a good documentary/movie/inde film or whatever it will be.
here are my comments and questions.

i think its good how rochelle pointed it out to darrian how she wants to do more with her life than just chess. and i think that that is a good point to make in general to kids going from m.s. to h.s and from h.s to college and wherever else. it is just a game and you have to want more to do in life than just that. my advice to rochelle, focus more on school and law then chess because even if she does become the 1st black gm, then what? she would have probably spent so much time on chess what would she do next. it would be better if she became an excellent lawyer and then when shes done with that maybe return to chess.

i think thats it excellent that even though the school is prided on chess you also make it known that grades are just as important.
with this premiere in the theaters or will it be at a filt festival etc. or what.

have you thought about interviewing other ex alumni to get there take on chess in 318, high school and where they are in life.

can you say for sure when the documentary will be done with and be viewable to all to see

have you maybe also thought about making a book as well with the film just like the kings of new york

Anonymous said...


This could be the next Mad Hot Ballroom. I'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

The work is wonderful ,great writing and the photos are great!
It's great to see documentaries that depict students positively and striving ahead. These kids are phenomenal and inspiring to everyone. It's also great to know this school is in Brooklyn...There is a great abundance of chess talent in Brooklyn.

-Keep up the awesome work you do!!

Gurdonark said...

That film looks great.

Leon Akpalu said...

And hey, the film project's funding will be canceled if they don't raise another $2000 by April 25th, so spread the word and donate!

Anonymous said...

Please give us and address and a company or project name so we could send a money order to donate for the film project on the IS318 Chess Team. Some people don't like to give their financial information on the internet, so a money order would be great to send.
We would love for the project to be completed by said deadline.

Best of Success to the filmmakers and the project's completion!


Leon Akpalu said...

If you follow the link in Elizabeth's post, it has all the information for supporting the film-makers.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Katie's email is you can contact her for an address!