Sunday, July 18, 2010

foodscapes, free money!!

the road is salami, the trees are bacon and ham bread mountains
more cool foodscapes

NY State government has an office of unclaimed funds. See if anyone owes you money! (I think it's real: I claimed some).

Which famous author are you most like? I am Stephen King and Dan Brown! (thanks to Jason Luchan for the link)

coming soon: interviews with IM Daniel Rensch (player and assistant manager of the Arizona Scorpians, organizer of the Copper State International, and manager of and and WIM Beatriz Marinello (Ilyumzhinov's VP candidate-- I have so much to ask her). If you have any brilliant questions for either interviewee, send them to me/leave them in the comments!


Gurdonark said...

The site suggests I write like Cory Doctorow--not who I would have expected, but just fine. He's a big advocate of Creative Commons licenses, as, in a way with less impact, am I.

Unclaimed property fund are definitely real--there's one is pretty much every state. I hope you get your funds returned to you.

Anonymous said...

apparently willa cather wrote like lewis carroll. lol fun site.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you do get the chance to talk with Beatriz Marinello, could you ask her why she is running with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov? The last FIDE presidents who seemed to be thinking about chess players and chess were Max Euwe and Fridrik (sp?) Olafsson. Since then FIDE has gotten stranger and stranger. At times it rivals the IOC in the lack of transparency and honesty in its dealings.

gurdonark said...

For Daniel Rensch, I thought this article was very interesting:

Rensch article

I like that he achieved his IM
even after he "got off the fast track" and after a series of health issues. I'm also impressed that he
helps organize events like the Copper State Invitational.

The questions that arise for me from this are:

1. the truism/cliche is that teaching chess is the "death of" one's own ability to advance one's own rating or achieve a title. What impact does teaching chess have upon Daniel's play of the game?

2. Daniel has seen tournaments from the player perspective and the organizer perspective, and has helped set up a tournament which has resulted in FIDE norms being achieved by players. What are his thoughts on how we could have a more vibrant touranment scene in the USA, including both more FIDE norm tournaments and more events for the casual player.

From the patzer said...

Dangit, seems i am irish writer James Joyce incarnated. I rather would have been Stephen King and Dan Brown like you then i would know my writings would be read. :-)

gary grice said...

*Like which famous author are you most?