Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the Peace Corp needs a chess coordinator in St. Lucia

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer is needed to serve as a Chess Coordinator for the National Community Foundation. Saint Lucia faces many challenges including unemployment, crime, and an under-educated population. It is unrealistic to expect any one program to fix all of these issues. However, it is obvious that the country would benefit from a giant infusion of self-discipline, strategic thinking, and increased self esteem. Surprisingly, the beginning of change for this small country of 150,000 people and 238,000 square miles may be connected to a classic game. The needed change may start with the children who take to the game with unbelievable enthusiasm and then spill over to the tight knit communities where they live. The game is chess.

The Foundation is in need of a PCRV to implement chess communities in the St. Lucian culture in order for each community and family to access the academic and social benefits inherent in the game of chess. The Chess Coordinator will strengthen the existing Chess in Schools program and prepare students for the Chess in Schools National Tournament in July 2011. To achieve this goal, the PCRV will: develop interest in the game of chess in schools and community groups; work closely with the existing Chess in Schools program; prepare for and implement the National Chess in Schools Tournament; train teachers and community facilitators to teach the game; develop an evaluation method and assess the impact of the program; and maintain appropriate records and results.


Ability to play chess at an intermediate level and communicate effectively with adults and children
Familiarity with program evaluation methodologies
Intermediate computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
Ability to negotiate the bus system of a developing country
Experience implementing community events and contests
Excellent communication skills

Public relations and marketing skills
Experience in teaching or training
Understanding of basic tactics and strategies of chess
Familiarity with Microsoft Access or other database systems
Understanding of how community-based organizations work
Familiarity with chess tournaments

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I could see spending a year in St Lucia.


gurdonark said...

That sounds like a great opportunity for the right person. I'd be delighted to see Santa Lucia produce
a great set of chess players from such an initiative.

Anonymous said...

your a freakin wierdo

Elizabeth Vicary said...

wow, the only word you spelled correctly is "a"

Jay said...

hahaha! just when you think it's going to be a boring day, somebody lightens up your mood with a hilariously dumb comment like the above. love it.

Lionel Davis said...

Looks like fun folks!!!

es_trick said...

Thanks for the tip.
Just sent in an application.

'Have M.A. TESOL, will travel'

Leon Akpalu said...

The USCF has nominated Tim Taylor.

Just kidding! (before anyone freaks out...)

es_trick said...

Just heard back from them. One must have already done a regular 2 year stint of service in the Corp to be eligible for this assignment.