Monday, September 12, 2011

the best part of the republican debates

is reading the Economist live blog at the same time.
a couple more important things I've learned:
1) If you wear contacts, you can order them online for hlaf the price. "requires" that you have a prescription, but "require" means they fax what you say to the fax number you give them, and then if they don't hear back in 8 hours, they send you your lens! I got the new Oasys for $19.99 plus I think free shipping.
2) Before you buy anything online, just google the store name and "coupon code," and you get 10% off! amazing!

cool weird public art projects

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J.A. Topfke said...

The Economist had some good and funny comments.

Ron Paul hit a home run with just about every answer. The fact that he got booed when he was almost reciting the 9/11 Commission Report verbatim confirms the anti-intellectual state of the Tea Party. How refreshing it is to have a politician who understands the Middle East and who has the guts to stand up and tell the truth about our foreign policy.

It is refreshing when one candidate has the guts to tell the truth because every other candidate was just pandering in search of an applause line and that applause line was "Repeal Obamacare." Way to go out on a limb, candidates. It kind of went like they were going to vaguely cut spending somehow and they were going to do that by cutting something called waste, fraud and abuse (translation: nothing will change) and then...wait for it...repeal Obamacare!

I liked that kid that asked how much of his own income does he deserve to keep. Great question. No answer. They asked the spray-on tan guy, Huntsman, and he rambled on about his tax plan or something. He forgot to mention that he was going to repeal Obamacare so he didn't get any applause.

Michelle Bachmann (Glory!) had the biggest KO punch when she went after Rick Perry (Hallelujah!) for his mandate to force little girls to have a controversial STD vaccination. When Rick Perry (Hallelujah!) joined the race he killed Michelle Bachmann's (Glory!) campaign. So I was glad to see Bachmann (Glory!) spit in Perry's (Hallelujah!) eye before she disappears in the polls completely. Since Jesus personally told both of them to run for President, Jesus must be a very conflicted person about right now...except for the part about repealing Obamacare. I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Herman Cain's solution to all of our problems is the 9-9-9 Plan, which is 3 large single topping pizzas for $9 each.

Rick Santorum is an ankle-biter. Why is he even there? Is it just me or am I the only one whose mind just kind of wanders off every time Santorum is speaking?

All in all, though, this was the best debate so far...which is kind of sad really.

J.A. Topfke