Monday, October 15, 2007


Some awesome motivational posters. Thanks to Alan Stein for the link.

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Tom Panelas said...

Great stuff. It really pokes a hole in the motivation business's hot-air balloon. There's something dishonest about the you-can-prevail-no-matter-what ideology behind it. Life doesn't work that way, but some people would like to convince you it does, the better to fleece you with self-help books while disabusing you of what Orwell called the willingness to "face unpleasant facts."

Frankly, this is one of the reasons why, despite my admiration for Kasparov, I haven't rushed out to buy How Life Imitates Chess (sorry, Mig). Likewise for Josh Waitzkin's book, even though many people have told me it's very good.

I guess you can't blame a poor woodpusher for trying to break out of the chess ghetto and find a wider market for the game's wisdom, but I've seldom seen a book like that with anything better than platitudes.