Thursday, March 20, 2008

look I'm on the Craigslist blog

The link above is no longer working, sorry. The story in question is related earlier in my blog, here. It was picked up and featured in the now-defunct Craig's List Blog.
If you are reading this, you almost certainly got here by googling 'hot girl.' Unfortunately for you, this is a blog about my life as a 33 year old chess teacher/player in NYC and about my friend's project, the US Chess League. And while I am reasonably attractive and fairly cheerful, I'm probably not the hot girl of your dreams. Sorry! There aren't a lot of hot women in chess, but you could try looking here. good luck to you.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well, I dunno how you look or you are a male or female but you got me. I googled for hot girl. saw the picture. thought it was from the gossip girl tv show.

to be honest, the chess board and hot girl picture took my attention.

may it be true ? such a lady plays chess ?
scrolled down and saw your article.

well, I hope you are a hot 33 year lady that teaches chess.


Aavon said...

"reasonably attractive"??? I'd take up chess again, diligently, if you were tutoring.

-Aavon (too many 'anon's these days