Friday, January 16, 2009

Checkmates and USCF Politics

A good-girl chess player falls for a bad-boy checkers player from the streets.
Thanks to Joel Salman and Greg Shahade for the link.

Also, coming up soon.... interviews with Brian Mottershead. Feel free to leave question-suggestions in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a great video.

In the very first shot of a chessboard, when the girl announces mate, I think that it actually might be mate--that is, if there's no black piece on g6.

It's just nice when any media portrayal of chess gets the details right, or close to right.

Anonymous said...

Sam Sloan!?!? Interview of the Century...I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you interviewed the right one?

Anonymous said...

You know, with just a few tweaks, it could actually be a real film - she's from a top notch school program like IS 138, he's from Washington Square park where he hustles chess. She's all FIDE ELO, Nationals and Informant; he's all coffee house, tactical shots and amazing unsound combos and reversals. She's classical time limits, he's 5 minute and bullet. Ultimately, in the final game against her hated rival for the National championship upon which rides a scholarship to Univ. of Texas Dallas, she's running out of time, and remembers what he's taught her about crazy bullet chess to blitz her way to victory! You'll laugh, you'll cry, the feel good movie of the year: Play to Win.

Anonymous said...

Then you could cast Josh Waitzkin in both roles.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of politics, too bad you didn't make it to the Liberty Bell Open this year. You may have caught a glimpse of your hero President Elect Obama who stayed at the same hotel Friday night before leaving on his train trip down to D.C.