Friday, January 9, 2009

Photos from the NY Post!

Rochelle Ballantyne

front row: Shawn Swindell, Rochelle Ballantyne, JieJing Li, Pobo Efekoro
back row: Elizabeth Vicary, Alexis Paredes, Rashawn Williams, Carlos Alvarez, Miguel Garcia, Randy Rivera, Ezequiel Quinones, John Galvin, Jacob Martinez

sitting: Shawn Swindell, Rochelle Ballantyne, Pobo Efekoro
standing: Elizabeth Vicary, John Galvin

Rashawn Williams plays JieJing Li. Behind them, Miguel Garcia plays Rochelle Ballantyne

Many thanks to the Post photographer, Anthony Causi.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures...looks like you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

no clocks? wtf?

Anonymous said...

oh nm, i see them... it was on LH side of board

Elizabeth Vicary said...

they have clocks on the bottom picture--a black Chronos. The school bought 30 Chroni a couple years ago for the club-- how awesome is that of them? It means we can have huge, 50-kid blitz tournaments (not quite all of the clocks survived).

Anonymous said...

Luv the outfit Shelly!!!

From 303 =)