Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photos from Girls' Nationals

Rochelle and Jie Jing
Mitasha, Brittanie, Talitha, Xonatia

Mitasha, Talitha

solving tactics before round 1: Brittanie, Rhoda, Xonatia, Mitasha, Talitha (Mr. Galvin in the back)


Mr. Galvin, my assistant principal/ assistant coach


Jie Jing

Mitasha, JieJing, Brittanie, Talitha, Rhoda, Xonatia, Lisa
sorry for the lack of commentary-- I have to go and look at games now; more later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these Elizabeth. From the lack of coverage on the USCF web site, you wouldn't even know that there was an All Girls National taking place. It seems odd to me. Good luck to you and your students!

Ellen (back in NYC where it feels like summer)

es_trick said...

Good Luck to you and your girls in Dallas!

ATH2044 said...

Well Ellen, for the record, they mention it here, but it's not exactly prominent. Where would we be without E. Vicary?

Anonymous said...

hows everybody doing and how many points does each girl have

Anonymous said...

What a happy looking bunch of kids. My daughter is about that age and has no interest in chess at all. But these photos would get her interested, I think, to see these cool, normal, smart girls having fun at a tournament.

ATH2044 said...

All Girls' Nationals Results are posted on in a fairly prominent place, but there's no story write-up & just one picture. It looks like section #2 consists of both the under 16 & the under 14 sections combined. Does this mean that there's a sagging participation for mid-teen girls?

Anonymous said...

Are blue chess boards becoming standard now? I'm seeing more and more of them.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I like green and brown better.