Sunday, February 28, 2010

318 wins NY State Junior High and Elementary Championships, 2nd in High School

IS 318 won the Junior HIgh and Elementary Championships and came 2nd in high school. Alexis Paredes, Joel Ogunremi, Pobo Efekoro, and Myles Foster tied for first in Junior High*. The light wasn't great in the playing rooms, so few good pictures, but below are Joel Ogunremi and Danny Feng.

update: some pictures of leaving Monday morning and the train:
James and Myles
Alexis and Rochelle, crushing everyone at bughouse

Randy and Danny

Azeez, David, Isaac and Matthew playing Ticket to Ride

David and Myles, in the hotel lobby

*with a kid from another school, who took first on tiebreaks. I'll update with his name when it's online.


Anonymous said...

What ... only 2nd in High School?!?!

Seriously, congratulations! An amazing achievement.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! to you and the members of the IS318 Chess Team on winning the New York state championships!
You guys are just fantastic!!
Keep up the great work!

You are inspiring!

Unknown said...

I realize this comment is several months late, but I have been trying to locate your friend, Ray Cheng for a couple of years now....I haven't seen him in over 10 years....can you tell me how to get in touch?? Thanks!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thanks Cecile!
Kris-- email me and I'll put you in touch:

Polly said...

Anon: It was neck and neck in the HS. IS318 was tied with Solomon Schechter going into round 6. By that round there were no more head to head encounters. Schechter scored one more win in the last round to edge out IS 318. The two schools have gone at it a lot over the last few years. Always comes down to the last round, and has gone both ways. A very exciting weekend.

I'm impressed by that fact that IS318 has enough depth to field a very strong team in the high school division. 1 point away from a clean sweep in elementary through HS. I guess the primary folks should be happy you're not K-8 school!