Sunday, February 14, 2010

amateur team east: round 3 photos

I'm 2-1 at Amateur Team East; I think my team is too. It's nice here. The chess is a little weird; I'm trying to get into it, but it's hard to make yourself concentrate when you don't know the person's rating and they are using descriptive notation. My big goal this tournament is to not eat at the hotel restaurant. Instead, I am living on peanut butter sandwiches and grapes.

some pictures of students, former students, friends and teammates: (more here)

Marta Szulc

Ana Izoria
Darrian Robinson

Justus Williams, Jehron Bryant, Nigel Bryant, Joshua Colas in back

Nigel Bryant

John Galvin

Alexis Paredes


Ron Young said...

I'm older than you so descriptive doesn't freak me out. As long as they don't write "Kt" for Knight or say "Rook to King's square".

no said...

I'm older than Ron so it doesn't freak me out when they write Kt for Knight, but I do find it disturbing when people think the King's Knight is the King's Knight even if it is further to the Queenside than the Queen's Knight.

Leon Akpalu said...

I had a house-mate who showed up ten minutes late for a round, and started the game by asking his opponent if he could turn the board around, since he wouldn't be able to take notation properly if White was on the side labeled 8. The opponent was really pissed when my friend won the game.

Anonymous said...

It's worse when your opponent is "unrated" and their taking notation in Russian!

That didn't happen to me this tournament, but it has.

Our team ended up at 5-1, I was 3-3. Not bad.

The story of the tournament was Chris Williams and Sam Sloan ending up on the same team.

Anonymous said...

Argh!! I can't believe I typed "their" instead on "they're." I hate it when I see others do it... a five hour drive home in a blinding snowstorm, after 11 hours of chess is not good for the brain.

Derek Slater said...

Matt - you're spelling is terrible.

Elizabeth - nice to meet you this weekend.

ed g. said...

I don't think I ever wrote Kt for Knight, but I say "Rook to King's square" all the time.

The King's Knight is always the one that was born on KN1. It doesn't magically become the Queen's Knight just because it's on detached duty on the other side of the board.

Though even when I used Descriptive, I would usually write (e.g.) N/N5-Q4 instead of KN-Q4 in such cases.