Friday, February 26, 2010

chessbase question

I have fritz 11 installed on my computer, but chessbase 9 doesn't see it/ I can't open it by going to add engine. What do I do?


Anonymous said...

I would first make sure that the Fritz 11.engine file is in the proper directory (generally something like C:\Program Files\Common Files\Chessbase\Engines. (also check program files (x86)) If there is no file there, then I would suggest reinstalling Fritz 11.

EFY said...

Bring a lawsuit against ChessBase; that's what the Constitution is for.

Marc Widmaier said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Check this out, should solve your problems:

Anonymous said...

The problem has to do with the differences in the architecture of Windows XP and Windows Vista (and later). Fritz 11 was created after the release of Vista, so it goes and installs the engine file in a different folder than CB9 (an XP-era product) looks for it. The easiest way to solve this problem is to install a recent Service Pack for CB9, which changes the list of default folders within the program. You can do this automatically by choosing "Online Upgrade" inside CB9, or you can find the SP file in a relatively recent issue of ChessBase Magazine.