Friday, July 30, 2010

Tarragona, Pan Ams, Chicken/Egg

I am in beautiful Tarragona, spending my days at the beach, walking around the old town, and reading a book I can´t put down, A Fraction of the Whole, by Steve Toltz.

Good luck to Justus Williams, who is about to play in the Pan Ams in Brazil. He´s the top seed in Boys under 12. You can follow his progress here.

Congratulations to Katie and Nelson, for winning a Chicken and Egg grant for their in-the-editing-progress Chess Movie:

NEW YORK (July 29, 2010) - Chicken & Egg Pictures, the hybrid film fund
and non-profit production company dedicated to supporting women
filmmakers, is proud to announce the grant recipients from the 2010
Spring Open Call.

Now in its fifth year of operation, with over $1.5 million in grants and over
3,000 mentorship hours provided to women filmmakers, Chicken & Egg
Pictures is indeed ''incubating and hatching all at once.''

I Believe in You grants are made at varying stages of the production and
post-production process. They offer a filmmaker the freedom to explore her
vision, kick-off and develop a project, find grace and clarity in creative chaos,
spend time in the edit room or serve as a bridge to her next goal. Films that
received this grant and have recently went on to great success include Monica
and David
by Alexandra Codina (Winner of Best Documentary Feature at
Tribeca 2010, forthcoming HBO broadcast) and Wo Ai Ni Mommy by
Stephanie Wang-Breal (Winner of Best Documentary Feature at Silverdocs
2010, forthcoming PBS/POV broadcast).

I Believe in You grantees from the Chicken & Egg Pictures 2010 Spring
Open Call announced today are:
CHESS MOVIE (working title), directed by Katie Dellamaggiore (NYC)
A squat concrete building on an inner-city block, Intermediate School 318 in
Brooklyn, New York may not impress from the outside, but inside Ms. Vicary's
classroom, something special is happening. Here, hundreds of students have
learned to play chess, one of the world's oldest and most complex games.
I.S. 318 boasts the best junior high chess program in the nation, despite a high
percentage of student poverty.This year, chess team members learn that being
the best isn't easy, especially when state and city-wide budget cuts threaten
their beloved afterschool program. (Editing)


Brian Lafferty said...

You two look so incredibly happy. May it last your lifetimes--together, of course.

gurdonark said...

You guys make such a cute, cool-looking couple--and the backdrop certainly adds to the loveliness of the image. What a fun-looking place to be.

I'll bet there are some really cool birds and butterflies to see in that part of Spain. This has been my Summer for butterfly images and even songs.

Those are great street scenes in the pictures. It looks like a painter's paradise. Any chance of finding a chess tournament during your stay?

That's great that the Chess Movie
got a new grant--and it's great to know that fine folks like Chicken & Egg Pictures are out there supporting women in film.

Brazil! How exciting! I've enjoyed all the videos and games from the
Women's Championship and the Junior Closed Championship. It'll be fun to have a new tournament to follow, even without the Feingold/Shahade commentary. In the Junior, I rooted for local Darwin Yang, but now I can cheer for Justus in this event.

Best from north Texas, where the temperature is 100 degrees and the beach is hundreds of miles away--sounds like you're having a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Book's title is "A Fraction of the Whole" by Steve Toltz

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thanks, Brian, G and anon! I changed the book title.

ATH2044 said...

The two of you look so stunningly beautiful & happy it's truly inspirational. That picture is a masterpiece. Best wishes forever.