Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Always Been a Fan of the Hypotheticals

You know, cake or pie, movies or tv, pants or jeans, breakfast or dinner? Stupid college ice breakers. So last weekend I ask Alex and Darmen:
"If a magical fairy offered, would you trade 20 IQ points for 100 FIDE points?" The premise is that you are truly 20 points stupider overall, but 100 points stronger in actual playing strength-- it's not just an artificial, un-maintainable rating boost.

Their responses?
Alex: (a shrug of agreement) FIDE points are forever, but IQ is variable.
Darmen: Can I trade 150 FIDE points for 60 IQ?

My next question was 100 points for 1 leg, but no takers there ("Legs are important.")

India goes a step further-- "Would you rather be capable of creating life or DESTROYING it?"



Anonymous said...

Interesting method population control. I guess the guys with the guns could shoot the guys without them to reduce birth rate even further.

Tom Panelas said...

I don't think I'd want to wield either power. Killing is wrong, and there are already enough people in the world.

Relieving the suffering of those already alive would be nice, though I realize that wasn't one of the choices.

Naisortep said...

Each of us already posesses both powers, although we need assistance to create life :).

Anonymous said...

id rather destroy it. id hate to create something that just makes everything worse. you can't tell what will happen once you unleash something upon the world. i know this from things i've cooked. now, if i could destroy life, i'd use it judiciously, but i would sure use it...

Anonymous said...

I vote for destroying blogs instead of creating them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd do it, I like being smug and smarmy. When some idiot asks me about a form 8038-G information return for tax-exempt governmental obligation, when they really mean a form 1038-R recovery of overpayment under arbitrage rebate provisions, that shit's hilarious!