Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Pictures from US Chess School

Most of the day is serious endgame study, but there are blitz breaks every couple of hours. Unfortunately, there are only two sets. What do the kids do?
They play blindfold. Above: Luke Harmon and David Adelberg.

Luke keeps his eyes closed in the opening.
Alex Ostrovskiy and Kevin Wang also try.

They get in an argument about the position.
"No, YOU forfeit"
Alexander (Sasha) Velikanov


Anonymous said...

please post a belly button picture of you for us.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

I'm flattered you ask, but posting revealing photos of myself on the internet is not really my style.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Instead, how about some more silly pictures of Greg?

Tom Panelas said...

Silly pictures of Greg would be cool. People see The Commissioner the way they see the President: they revere him, of course, but this being an egalitarian society they also like to think he's an approachable, regular guy, not some icon up on a pedestal.

Awhile back you had a shot of him in the pet food aisle of a supermarket. (Greg, that is, not the president) At the time I meant to ask him would he mind picking up a few cans of Fancy Feast for me while he was there, but I waited too long to post it.

I assume it's too late now. I mean he's not there anymore, right?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

funny you should mention that...