Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls/Women Rock!

Some recent fantastic results by IS 318 female chessplayers:

Angelica Berrios (1800) won the Brooklyn High School Chess Championship today, beating 4 Murrow High School students, and leading IS 318 to our first place team finish. Angelica also recently won the National Girls 16 and Under Championship (she's 14)

Jasmine Fermin (1405) won the Brooklyn Junior High Chess Championship, also leading 318 to our first place finish in that section (ok, I should mention that there was an eight way tie for first individually, but all eight students were from 318. Jasmine won the blitz playoff.).

Angelica Berrios and Jasmine Fermin

Last week, at the New York Mayor's Cup, Rochelle Ballantyne (1761) went 4-0 on first board to lead IS 318 to team victory there. Rochelle and Jasmine tied for first last month in the National Girls 14 and Under Championship.

Rochelle Ballantyne

UPDATE: WFM Abby Marshall tied for first this weekend in a FIDE invitational in Virginia, beating 2 2300s.

Adia Onyango tied for first in the Under 1400 section of the Cleveland Open!


Anonymous said...

i think i've played some tourneys at the marshall with these players, fortunately didn't actually get paired vs one of them, as i wouldn't want to lose to a girl! lol

Anonymous said...

Do you play the same openings that you have your students play?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

My students play a very wide range of openings. I try to be as familiar as I can with all of them, so I play a lot of openings in blitz, but it's not possible to play everything.

Tom Panelas said...

Wonderful. Congratulations, girls.

Greg Shahade said...

Which of them has the strongest claim to the title of US Woman's Champion?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

[2:46:22 PM] Alexander Shabalov says: oh super
[2:46:44 PM] Alexander Shabalov says: morrow is just a buch of sissies
[2:46:57 PM] Alexander Shabalov says: u can quote me on that

Anonymous said...

These girls need to be on a series of posters as part of a campaign to prove to young people that chess is cool. Kinda like the ALA's celebrity "Read" posters.

es_trick said...

IS 318 ROCKS!!

Virtuoso coaching evidently has a huge impact.