Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greg Buys Pot

In San Diego, everyone stayed in student apartments on campus. They were very nice, big, 4-person apartments with a kitchen and living room. The kitchen, however, didn't come with pots or pans or utensils*, so the Krishnans very kindly lent Greg cooking supplies for the 5 days we were there. But of course we had to return them the last night.
Now Greg makes a habit of over-buying groceries (don't get me started on the history of this) and so on the last night we still have a box of pasta, a jar and a half of pasta sauce, 4 large cans of soup, a large block of chedder cheese, an unopened package of grated cheese, 10 string cheese sticks, a box of Cheez-its, 4 King Cones, 2 individual apple sauces, half a box of Lucky Charms, some milk, lemonade, orange juice, and most of a large package of raw cookie dough. (again, long story)
For some reason, ok, I can't resist telling you, for the reason that the pizza at the after party had vegetables on it, Greg really wanted to make soup for dinner when we got home Saturday night. But now we don't have a pot to make it in, because we returned them. I suggest that it should be possible to heat up the soup in the can itself on the (electric) stove. Mike Casella, who happens to be at this after-party, agrees, but Greg sees it as "too risky." So he gets Elliott Liu, who is giving us a ride home, to stop at the grocery store so he can buy a pot.

Greg enters store

Greg does not want to be photographed (Elliott behind him, laughing).

Greg looks at pots.

Greg selects pots.

Greg feels pots are unreasonably expensive ($12).

Greg considers buying the cheaper cake pan.

Greg settles on a small pot. Notice the straight line of his body that continues upward past his head and becomes the placard announcing the goods in the aisle.

Greg asks cashier if there is an aisle where they keep other pots.

* Although they did come with a shopping cart, which we kept in the living room for four days before replacing it with an orange traffic cone.


Tom Panelas said...

Ha! From my lips to Caissa's ears.

Excellent. Greg looks good in glasses, and the revelation that he over-buys tends to humanize him. Sure, he's an IM, founder of the USCL, and a first-rate poker players (so I understand), but thank heavens he isn't perfect.

It's also good to know that Greg is somewhat risk averse. One does not want to think that the league's great helmsman might drive the thing over a cliff.

I hope Greg is grateful for this. You can't buy first-rate personal-image management like this.

Anonymous said...

Obv I left the pot in San Diego

- Greg who is too lazy to sign in but for some reason isn't too lazy to type why I'm not signed in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I left the pot in San Diego

"high on a hill...", etc. etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very rainbow-riffic.

Anonymous said...

Which is weirder, Greg buying pots or that this seems almost standard for Greg?

It was great meeting you Liz, come back and visit SD again soon! Game night will still be here....