Thursday, June 26, 2008

US Chess School Photos

I'm in San Diego, observing the current incarnation of the US Chess School. This is a nonprofit run by Greg Shahade that brings 8 of the country's top juniors together for 5 days of intensive training with a top grandmaster. Kaidanov is the trainer for this session; Shulman has done a camp and Joel Benjamin is scheduled for the August session. All the kids are 1900-2150 and 9-12 years old. The training is free for students thanks to the generous sponsorship of Jim Roberts, in conjunction with the AF4C. I'll be writing about the camp for CLO, but if you are curious now, more info is available at

Gregory Kaidanov plays blindfold blitz against Luke Harmon at the end of the day. Greg Shahade assists relaying moves.

Luke Harmon plays blitz.

Sasha Velikanov plays blitz.

Sasha's rook gets trapped.

Alexander Ostrovskiy enjoys the campJarod Pamatmat isn't scared of you.
Varun Krishnan

The Moods of Greg Shahade
Greg's friend Noel took us for a scenic beach hike.

reflective Greg
happy Greg
pensive Greg
Thoughtful Greg looks at sky.

Invisible Greg

More photos and commentary coming soon.


Anonymous said...

That pic of greg looking up at the sky is priceless...I'll take that over a flying dildo every time!(no offense intended).

By the way where can I can one of those cool go ahead a cheat t-shirts jarod was wearing (36hrs and he's already demonstrating more talent then any of our others).

Davy Do

Anonymous said...

Greg is a hero and the biggest genius champion EVAR!!!

Anonymous said...

In addition, he is hilarious and flippin sweet.