Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Photos From US Chess School, August, NJ

I arrived late this afternoon, but have some preliminary photos for you. Expect more tomorrow.
GM Joel Benjamin

Sam Shankland
Evan Ju
Gregory Young
Michael Lee
Victor Shen
Teddy Coleman
Daniel Yeager
Abby Marshall

Dean's Chess Academy
GM Joel Benjamin
Evan Ju, Sam Shankland

Gregory Young, Daniel Yeager, Teddy Coleman
half invisible hand
Sam, Teddy, Victor

Michael Lee

Daniel Yeager, Michael Lee
Sam, Victor
Abby, Teddy, Gregory, Evan, Michael


Tom Panelas said...

I always say that you folks in New York have all the fun. Now the fun seems to have slipped through the Holland Tunnel and spread to Jersey. (Or maybe it took the bridge, I dunno.)

Anytime it wants to hop onto I-80 and head farther west it will be welcome here in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Greg and we definitely would love to have the USCS in Chicago sometime. The best time may be June or August 2010, as I feel like for our Jan 10 session the weather might be too poor.

- greg

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I dont' know how frequently you read comments but I would like to know your thoughts on something.
I'm 24 and I just got a job teaching at a public high school here in MA. They are also interested in having me start some sort of chess program. I'm an A player, and a reasonable blitz player on ICC (Blitz 2100+, 5-min 1900 +) so those are my qualifications i guess. I guess id just like to know what sort of advice u have, as to how much to expect to do, whether funding is necessary/how to get funding i was wondering if you could talk about that a little if you want i will give you my email or u can give me yours thx!

Unknown said...

oh and just like another point, obviously you probably don't know anything about how to get funding in an MA public school i'm just more interested in your general philosophy since you are highly regarded as one of the best public school coaches in the nation. i'm interested in maybe getting a team going but i have no idea what to expect.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

sure, email me: evicary(nospam--removethis)@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Vicary said...

i love supertroopers too

Unknown said...

yeah i mean obviously it's not like an Oscar winner but I think for what its trying to do i think its really good. I'll send u an email sometime. thx

Our Sword said...

Man that looks fun! Wish I was there!

Tom Panelas said...


On behalf of the usual Chicago suspects, we'd like to talk to you about that sometime when it's convenient.