Monday, August 18, 2008

Secret Service!??!!?

Did you guys see this??
"On June 25, the federation, contending that the e-mail messages had been stolen, filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court seeking subpoenas for Internet service providers to turn over the Internet protocol addresses that had been used to gain access to the board’s e-mail accounts. The federation was also seeking to take depositions from Ms. Polgar and Mr. Truong about the issue.
Mr. Kronenberger said that the service providers provided the Internet protocol addresses. He said he believed that the unauthorized access to the e-mail between him and the litigation subcommittee, in addition to compromising attorney-client privilege in the case, constituted wire fraud. He said he had turned the information provided by the Internet service providers over to federal authorities.
Edwin Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service, which investigates certain instances of wire fraud, said the case had been referred to its field office in San Francisco."
--NY Times Aug 17
I still intend to post my thoughts on the delegates meeting, btw, I'm just overwhelmed with a couple other projects right now....


Anonymous said...

How do we continue to elect these people?

likesforests said...

::sigh:: How did I guess Sam Sloan would be in the middle of it? (Maybe because "Sloan+Sue" turns up 1,150 matches in alone.) I don't know much about the present situation, but I hope Susan will come out of it unscathed. I like her book, she inspires young players, and she often posts useful chess content on her website.

Anonymous said...


Hi, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

could you explain what's going on with the USCF in three paragraphs?

would be much obliged...

Jesse Kraai

Anonymous said...

Does the American Contract Bridge League have to deal with kooks like these?

Anonymous said...

I propose we let the USCF die, then all form the National Chess Association with the following charter:

1. Merge all rules with FIDE rules and let them deal with it evermore.

2. Merge all USCF ratings with FIDE ratings and then we administer the ratings worldwide from then on. (Then the rating list would be "live", always.)

2. Run one giant Chess Festival annually which includes the US Closed, US Junior, US Women's, and US Open Championships.

3. Pay me $250k/year to run the whole damned thing.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

Sorry, Jesse, I tried for 3 paragraphs, but failed...

Globular... I'm not sure how serious you are being ... but the US Women's, Junior and Overall Championship might have some overlap? Plus then it would be less stuff for spectators like ourrselves to watch. Also, I'm not sure FIDE would put the USCF in charge of anything? Otherwise, nice idea.

Elizabeth Vicary said...
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Anonymous said...

@likesforests: no, sloan isn't involved in this one. there's another lawsuit in play from him though, for sure. i too like what susan has done for the game overall but she has been everything but forthcoming about the various investigations which involve her. not the paragon of openness that she'd have everyone to believe.

luckily, those of us who play chess are off playing chess rather than trolling the miles of rhetorical B.S. on the uscf forums.

other comments:
It would seem that Susan and Paul and the USCF and the Exec Board and all involved really brought all of this on themselves with the mess they've created. but it's not the end of the world.

10 years ago everyone said the sky was falling and the USCF was going to go bankrupt and fold (this was after a botched attempt at being one of the first chess servers on the internet, so no complaining about not having USCF online ratings!!!). 8.5 years ago I left chess. 6 months ago I returned...and the same old politics remain just with different faces and names. but it's no big deal, because the USCF will survive anyway.

likesforests said...

12677402 - Congratulations on your performance since your return. That's a stellar leap in rating points.