Friday, August 15, 2008

Group Photo plus Abby Marshall and Sam Shankland

US Chess School August 2008
from left: Daniel Yeager, Teddy Coleman, Abby Marshall, Evan Ju, Michael Lee, Gregory Young, Victor Shen, Sam Shankland
group photo with GM Joel Benjamin
WFM Abby Marshall

FM Sam Shankland-- injured in a frisbee mishap


Anonymous said...

It seems like Abby Marshall is making strong moves to become the poster girl of American chess!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

And naturally Sam is the poster boy?

Michael Aigner said...


Anonymous said...

Probably the more poster boys and girls there are on both sides of the Atlantic the more popular chess will become. So no harm in issuing that title to hopefuls ;).

Anonymous said...

Aww, I know Abby Marshall!!
Back in 8th grade (im now in 11th) she got switched into my middle shcool and into my algebra class and helped me out A LOT in there.
She now goes to my highschool (Warwick Highschool) I didnt even find out untill recently that she had made it so big for chess >.<

Anonymous said...

I just played Abby in a simul at Virgina Tech over the weekend and, even though I got my butt kicked, I was overly impressed by, not only her chess prowess, but especially that she is such a charming person. I believe my 9 yr. old daughter was inspired by her as well. Phil Shisbey