Saturday, August 23, 2008

We try to go to Mike's wedding and the Atlantic Open, but fail.

The original plan was to drive down from New York in time for round 1 Friday night, return that night to Baltimore for the wedding at 11 am Saturday, taking a half point bye for round two, then return to play round 3 Saturday night.

But we get stuck in vicious traffic Friday afternoon and miss round one. I try to cancel my hotel reservation for Saturday but have missed the deadline. So Alex decides to play with two half pont byes, maybe he goes 3-0 and gets the hotel back at least, but I'm too stingy to pay the entire entry fee to play 3 games, so here I am in Washington, entering game scores for Jenn and posting wedding pictures.

Mike and Gretchen get married.

Greg is a groomsman.

Alex and Jenn
Greg and gf Susan

Greg and pork sandwich
Alex, my sister Rachel, Greg
Rachel and me

Susan and Greg

Alex (notice bumpersticker)
Rachel (sister)
postscript: Alex draws in round 4 and withdraws. It takes 8 hours to drive back to New York. Unbelievable torture.


BlunderProne said...

Technically the "bumper" sticker goes on the...well...Bumper! But who am I to say. MY HCP sticker is on the back of my chronos where it fits perfectly.

Anonymous said...

If I told you where my HCP bumper sticker was, all this space would say is "comment deleted. This post has been removed by the author"

Unknown said...

Those are great candid photos of Jenn; a penny for her thoughts during some of them.

Also,Congrats to the photographer for all the quality wedding photos. Looks like everyone had a swell time.

I use "swell" because I have been watching to many episodes of MadMen on TV and they are always using it, as it was popular in the 1960's, the time period for the show.

Anonymous said...

who is mike?

Anonymous said...

His last name is Hunt.

Anonymous said...

We want to see a picture of Mike Hunt

Elizabeth Vicary said...

His name is Legrand actually. Sorry, don't have photo.