Friday, October 10, 2008

apocalypse, disappointment, Dwight Schrutt

a few more random thoughts from me....

I was talking to a friend of mine last night who works in the financial markets and I asked him what the worst case scenario is and how likely it was to happen. His response was pretty astonishing-- the worst case scenario is the complete collapse of the economy. As in, no electricity, no government, no running water, no power, no food, people roaming the streets with weapons. And that no one had any idea how likely this was, but it seems at least possible.

And this leads to a lot of new thoughts. Most of which I can't articulate yet.

Actually, the first thing I thought was how surprising. I'd figured I had seen every possible apocalptic scenario in movies: alien invasion, nuclear war, a disease that is both lethal and highly contagious. But not this one. So good job to life for being (potentially) unpredictable.

Another friend of mine said he would be ok with that because he is highly adaptable and would consequently have a big advantage over other people. Which of course made me think of Dwight Schrutt and laugh.

On a totally different topic, I'd like to request that comment makers stop expressing "disappointment" in me. It feels condescending. Disagree all you want, that's great, but please don't put the agency for your emotional reactions on me. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but I don't know you, you don't really know me, and I am not writing this to fulfill the arbitrary expectations of total strangers. It's just my blog.
I also want to mention that I love this headline, which seems overtly sarcastic in a way I am not used to from MSNBC: Palin pre-empts state report, clears self


Tom Chivers said...

Whilst reading this - and before reaching your final paragraph - I was thinking to myself, this really is the best chess blog in the world. So your final paragraph surprised me, but did not disappoint.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Thank you!!

Notice that while I do not think strangers have the right to criticize me, I do live for their praise.

Anonymous said...

The Office is so spot on to make Dwight a nerd in many ways (Battlestar Galactica, calculator wristwatch, etc.), but not to make him a chessplayer.

I could possibly see Andy as a hanger-on at the Cornell chess club, but Dwight just isn't the type.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Dwight isn't a nerd; he's a dweeb. Both are clueless about social conventions but nerds at least have the saving grace of being smart. Dwight most assuredly is not. He's more of a dungeons and dragons type.

Anonymous said...

Dwight's not dumb. It's just that his interests lie more in bear attacks than King's Indian Attacks.

Of the other characters on the show (male and female), I see just two possibilities for chess tie-ins:

1)Darryl keeps a set in his desk in the warehouse
2)Dwight's cousin, Mose, is an avid correspondence player (and huge Hans Berliner fan)

Anonymous said...

On the apocalyptic front, I always wonder about these end-of-days scenarios -- people in the know saying the end right around the corner is possible. Isn't it just as likely that if all the fake e-money around the world went up in smoke, people on my block and on yours would just continue doing what they do? You know how to make clothing, I know how to grow vegetables, so we work something out, etc. etc. since the dawn of time? Who gives a s*** if all the brokers of the world suddenly see zeroes where they used to see ungovernable sums?

PS Your blog is mad cool anyhow, end of the world or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

We are disappointed that you expressed your disappointment about us expressing our disappointment.

Anonymous said...

"It's just my blog."

Isn't it an official USCL blog this year?

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in your disappointment with our expressing disappointment.

The part on financials made me think that chess players would not notice if the economy collapsed since they're all broke anyway.

Anonymous said...

The apocalypse and its resulting despair and disappointment has seemingly already occurred and affected some of us. Long ago, in fact. I only mean in regards to chess in my parts of the woods: Quebec.

We have open tournaments which cost $50 (preregistered, & $60 on-site), and the 1st prize in each section is $200.

I am not playing for the money. I love chess. I have over 900 chess books. But when it costs me $60 to play, and $36 to renew my membership it seems like I am being taken advantage of.

I play chess because I don't like to have nonsensical outside influences affect me all the time..


American Patriot said...

At the least could you change the blog title from "USCL news and gossip" to "Proto-socialism and chess"?

As for the collapse of the economy, it just makes sense to prepare - stock up on food, water, get a generator. For those who believe in defending themselves, get what you need in that arena as well. I feel bad for those who live in high-density areas; if the infrastructure does break down, they will feel it the most.

Chessaholic said...

I like your blog a lot, there's always something happening :)

As far as your friend who works in the financial markets (which, by the way, does by no means make him an economist): his worst case scenario is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while. no electricity, no government, no running water, no power, no food, people roaming the streets with weapons ??? You gotta be kidding. This is not Mad Max. All this fear mongering is ridiculous. The world will keep on turning, and there will be food in this country.

Anonymous said...

I hate to complain because Ive lived a more fortunate life than most, but Ive been hurting in this financial crisis. The last time I was at the bank I asked for an early withdrawal and the teller laughed so hard youd think he was watching The Foot Fist Way. They promised to have my money if I came back after that nights Keno drawing. Their vault was now the trunk of a late model Kia Rio Cinco Wagon. Instead of a mint, they offered me an anti-depressant. I decided to just hit up an ATM, but when I put in my card the screen read, "What money, sucka?" I found out my broker put all my money in cheese, lettuce, play-doh, old mayonnaise, and hot sauce in order to corner the lucrative Volcano Taco market. Hes now in prison luckily, he tried to stage a hostile takeover of Fidelity National with $20 and a cap gun. Vote Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente '08!