Monday, October 13, 2008

Extra Chess Books?

A very kind reader, Robert Nunnally (gurdonark to you), wrote to me today and offered to donate some of his old chess books to our chess club at IS 318. It's a really kind thing to do, and I want to both thank him and also ask if anyone else out there has any books they might be willing to part with?

I can promise the books will be heavily read (my students are voracious readers) and greatly appreciated. I'd also be happy to send you a receipt on school letterhead if you can use it for your taxes.

Thanks in advance for anything you can part with. Donations can be mailed to

IS 318 Chess Club
IS 318
101 Walton St
Brooklyn NY 11211

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not only will I send some, but I promise not to send anything by Chernev or Reinfeld. ;)

If life goes really well in the near future, and I feel generous, I might even send my copy of The King - Chess Pieces by J. H. Donner.

Make sure everyone gets to read it. It is without question the best chess book ever written.