Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interview with Queens Pioneer IM Alex Lenderman

EV: Congrats on your very impressive record, Alex! Which are you more proud of, the perfect score or the 2 back to back GOTW prizes?

AL: I would say just doing the best I can every game, coming prepared, and most importantly coming through for my team in very important spots for my team, the team is the key for me, most important. So it doesn't matter how I do it, whatever works. So definitely 6-0 record, I would never before the start of USCL would think that I'd start off 6-0, and now I don't feel like I'm ready to lose a game

EV: I've read in your blog how deeply you care about the Queens team. How did you come to play for them?

AL: Well, I thought it was a good fit for me for various reasons; I am in pretty good terms with the manager Alex Stripunsky and think very highly of him, I think of him as a big professional. I liked the chemistry of the team ahead of time, when Alex told me some people in the roster: I get along well with Thaler and Parker too.

EV: What do you mean exactly by "big professional"?

AL: Just does things in the right way, always prepares for games, always helps others prepare and gives great tips. For every game he's helped me prepare very well. It's hard to describe because then I'd reveal some of the secrets he tells me about how to go about certain opponents and scouting reports, which Alex told me not to release anymore, given that Mark Ginsburg was upset at him. The ideas are based on opponent's styles and seeing their games and seeing what they feel comfortable or uncomfortable with :)

EV: Ok, new question. Which was your favorite game so far, and in which game were you in the most trouble?

AL: good question… I felt that my cleanest game was against Mark Ginsburg and I really liked that game because I felt that I truly outplayed him. I played solid throughout, made some active and some patient moves when I had to and pressured him the whole game. It also felt good to beat Arizona, because they were my old rivals in High School Nationals and Robby Adamson's team :) and because that they blog a lot.

But I felt my most exciting game was certainly Dean Ippolito. That game felt great, after a tough opening and being outprepared on move 1, I was resourceful, solid, made him use up his time and then made some decent moves. And the fact that the win just saved my team, that was a huge lift, to tie 2-2. It would've been tough to lose 2 in a row, especially to our closest competitors and a draw put us in good hands in the last game.

I felt I was in most trouble with Evan Ju --that game I was on the ropes. I was going to agree to a draw since we were leading 2-0, and I just got the win because Evan had to push too hard and go for complications in time pressure, so there I got a little bit lucky, as I felt overall I got outplayed.

EV: Greg Shahade said to me a couple days ago that he was very impressed with your play in the USCL, that you really hadn't made any big mistakes at all as far as he could see. Do you feel like you are playing so well because you have recently improved, or do you prefer internet games, or some other reason? And do you agree with his assessment?

AL: I feel that I have definitely worked hard lately on my chess using my Dvoretsky books. I have a lot of practical experience whereas the others don't maybe as much. I feel that I have good preparation for every game. I was white 4/6 games which helps :) I am confident every game. Of course, I got some lucky breaks, like vs. Ippolito or Zaikov, where it was hard to analyze every single tactical line, but it all worked out well for me.

EV: I think there is a lot of curiosity about how long you can maintain this amazing record. There are a few board 3s whom you might face in the next month who are also having strong performances. Any thoughts about matchups against Esserman or Shankland?

AL: I try not to think too much ahead, the opponent I think about right now is Emory Tate. Whoever my opponent is, my goal is to just bring out the best.

EV: I'm sure you don't want to give away too much about your preparation for Emory Tate, but I know fans are very excited. Anything you can share with them?

AL: Well, just be ready for anything. :) Get the shock ahead of time.

EV: What does that mean?

AL: Meaning don't get shocked during the game.

EV: I was hoping for something more provocative, like "The patzer Tate better watch out! I'm coming for him!

AL: Oh, ok. Well, I'm ready as I can be.

EV: Can you say anything in general about how you prepare: how long you spend, what you think about, anything like that?

AL: I look at all my opponents' games from both colors sometimes and look at their styles, and what structures they're comfortable or uncomfortable with.

EV: You made an interesting choice to work with Dave Vigorito. How is that going and how do you feel your game has changed as a consequence?

AL: Well he's giving me a reasonable rate which I can't dream of from any GM, and even though it's online with Skype, it works perfectly. I am not a little kid; I don't always need in-person attention. And he was also a good fit for me because he helped my openings tremendously, especially the closed openings. When you have a wider repertoire, you definitely have more confidence.

I feel it's totally normal, as long as the material is worth it, and it's not about taking lessons forever, sometimes just 3-5 lessons, even if it's a 2200 can be very helpful. Not only is Dave very nice, but he's written many books, etc. so he obviously not only knows openings but understands ideas.

EV: I think a lot of people will be curious why you chose someone who is slightly lower rated than you.

AL: I feel for a coach rating means very little; it's all about how good of a coach a person is, and what can he offer you, and how much is it worth. Until I was a 2300 I had a coach who was unrated USCF, he was an experienced coach in Ukraine for 50 years. For 3 years I had him, he was amazing, how professional he was and he really has great understanding of every part of the game. He's about 2000 USCF, and was about that in Ukraine but his knowledge and understanding was worth like 2600 and he coached Krush, Dorfman and Huzman in the past :)

EV: What was his name?

AL: Mikhail Trossman. I mean Kasparov and Anand and all the greats have coaches. Well, not Kasparov ;) But all the greats have someone lower to work with.
EV: I know you are teaching a great deal these days. Are you also going to school? Planning to be professional chess teacher / player?

AL: Yeah I'm teaching quite some time, but mostly in schools, 3 times a week for a wonderful organization, professional organization, Chess in the Schools, and I have a few private students. I'm also a student teacher as I'm in college at Brooklyn College. I'm going to be a math teacher when I finish college, and play and teach chess part-time. Chess is great for me, but I don't see it as my career.

EV: How many hours each week are you teaching?

AL: Hmm… maybe about 15-20, hard to measure accurately, but I also play, and do some other fun activities.

EV: Tell me about your recent and upcoming tournament chess.

AL: I won the state champs recently, which I was pretty happy about. I tied for first with my close friend Justin Sarkar, to whom I recently lost 3.5/4, just got outprepared in all my games. Justin really works hard on his chess, so obviously my motivation is to try to dedicate more time and try to prepare harder. My upcoming tournament is probably Marshall Chess Champs -- first time I would play in it. Very nice tournament, unlikely for a GM norm but I want to try to get Grand Prix points.

EV: Do you guys ever study together?

AL: We study together when we share at tournaments, but he lives too far away, in Westchester.
EV: Will you apply for the Samford at any point?

AL: I applied last year, but Krush and Bhat got it. Luckily this year they added one more spot for it for that reason, so I'm going to apply again this year and then let's just hope for the best.

EV: But they will not give it this year I think? I think they gave out this years’ last year?

AL: Well I just found out a few days ago but they are adding another one this 2009 year, so obviously that was very exciting news for me.

EV: Great! And you will definitely apply?

AL: Yes, no doubt about it. I feel this is the year before Robson and Hess become super players.

EV: Any other hobbies or interests besides chess?

AL: Watching TV, following sports, socializing. But mostly playing and teaching chess. And math: I really love it.

EV: Favorite subtopic in math?

AL: Algebra and the history of math (something involving numbers, and something you have to think about)

EV: Describe your chess style?

AL: Balanced. I can play tactically or I can play positionally or I can play endgames or for opening traps or for psychological traps.

EV: Favorite book, both chess and nonchess?

AL: Hard to tell, I'm not much of a reader, I loved the book on teachers and what it is like to be a teacher and classroom management, etc, I forgot the title. My favorite chess book when I was a beginner was a Karpov/Gik fun book with all exercises, and also Dvoretsky books like Sam Shankland :) I loved the Harry Potter books too.

EV: Are you interested in politics and if so, who are you voting for?

AL: Obama, for sure. I think he'd be a better match for USA: he's very smart, educated, will help the poor people, reduce the chaos from the stupid war. And McCain is too old.

EV: Ok, thanks very much for the interview and good luck on Wednesday against Mr. Tate.

AL: Ok cool. Go Knights! I'll try to beat the hated Boston in the last week. But first I focus on Tate. I will be ready. :)


Anonymous said...

I liked him until he said he was voting for Obama. I was born in a communist country, and Obama is the closest to communism I've seen in a long time. He is scary.

Anonymous said...

omg... he is voting for Obama :/, i agree with Ano, Obama scares me with the crappy ideas he has for this country

Anonymous said...

...ideas like using the same economic policies as Bush, who got us into a $10 billion+ debt, staying in a useless war which has killed over 4000 Americans, and holding back on taxes for big corporations because their lobbyists fund his campaign? oh wait a second, that's John McCain.

and as for the chess part, Lenderman's been outstanding this season, and calm under pressure, so it'll be interesting to see him defend what is sure to be a crazy attack by Tate tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great interview with IM Lenderman. I was impressed with his preparation,his thoughtfulness and his poise. And, of course, his choice in presidential candidates! Go Obama. Anyone who votes for McCain after the mess that 8 years of a Republican in the White House has left us in needs to have their head examined. Obama has surrounded himself with some of the best financial minds in the country. McCain chose Sarah Palin for his running mate -- probably the worst V.P. pick in U.S. history. What else is there to say?

Anonymous said...

Obama's true self is now coming out in the press, he's a radical liberal and has hidden his past from the public until his opponent has brought it to light. Whatever McCain is or is not, is better than this radical philosphy. Today Obama said we should all "spread the wealth around"...if that's not communism what is? Take from the achievers and the industrious and give to the unindustrious. No thanks...I recall a book called "Animal Farm" about how ludicrous this idea is. Let's make sure everyone is equal and the same...but beware...over time... some animals are more equal than others! Nice interview with a true talent, but his politics seems a bit naive.

Greg Shahade said...

Oh give me a break you are all such idiots. If you are conservative you obviously assume that "let's spread the wealth around" means "let's make sure everyone has an equal amount of money regardless of the work they do". You know maybe he means that in general some random businessman shouldn't make 100x what a teacher, firefighter, police officer makes.

Don't you realize how you conveniently twist every statement to fit into some stereotype of what you believe a liberal to be, just so you can righteously spew on the internet.

I mean you post some completely innocuous quote and then turn it into a Communist rallying cry.

Anonymous said...

As a poker player do you even pay income taxes?

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

Anonymous said...

All you McCain fans, how do you defend his choice of Sarah Palin? This is a man with a serious medical condition (more than one melanoma) and doesn't seem to be in the greatest of health generally (did you hear him wheezing as he trudged around the stage in the last debate?). Palin is unqualified, corrupt, extremist in her social and religious views and quite likely a pathological liar. By choosing her as his running mate, McCain put his short term political ambitions ahead of his country.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

good luck Alex! best wishes!

Jimmie Beatty
Maryland USA

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing, as long as the interview was almost all the comments are on politics and on one comment I said :) Just unbelievable! :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview. That he is going into teaching means he will have a positive effect on generations to come. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obama is a terrorist.
Let's vote for McCain who dropped bombs on civilians back in Vietnam and who will continue to waste money and lives in order to keep Americans being occupiers in the MidEast and kill innocent people each day in the name of god and democracy.

Bloody Russians by the way, how dare they intervene in Georgia at their border in order to take care of the ethnic russian minority living in Georgia.
Worldwide Interventions are only allowed for the US...

Heil US !

Anonymous said...

Well isn't this nice. We have a couple of posts claiming Obama is a commie and a couple that compare the Bush administration to the third reich. I'm trying hard to find some solace in the fact that there are idiots on both sides but, sorry, I just can't do it. Idiocy is inherently destructive regardless of what preconceptions it starts off with.
In addition to being all sorts of dumb these comments don't even have the benefit of being original. Have any of you people ever had a thought that wasn't spoon-fed to you by someone else?

Anonymous said...

A I said in my original (and first post), I was born in a communist country. Guys like Obama start out with nice words and make everyone feel good. They are usually charismatic and such, but they really never say much with substance. Just a lot of hot air.

Someone posted something about a random business person making 100x what a fireman makes. This would describe a CEO usually, not a random person. Although, I agree that some are overpaid, why not get upset at movie stars, tv stars, sports stars, etc. Why is it that you get upset when a businessman makes a lot of money?

Greg Shahade said...

Doug is the winner. Yes it's really scary how unbelievably moronic people are. You can goto CNN or FoxNews, both of which lean different ways, and it's the same at both places. It's basically a large majority of people spouting extremism without any attention to facts.

If I hear someone call McCain "McSame" one more time I'm going to puke.

Anonymous said...

Greg, what do you mean Foxnews and CNN? Go to MSNBC starting at 7PM with Chris Matthews, then at 8PM with Keith Olberman, and ending at 9PM with Maddox. People demonize Foxnews, but boy Keith makes Bill O'Reilly look like a liberal.

I watch them during commercials on other stations, and I've never seen such biased reporting. At least Bill O'Reilly has guests that disagree with him.

Greg Shahade said...

Mr. Anonymous genius, would you have preferred I had listed every single example of someone who makes 100x what a fireman makes? Would that have been even less of a waste of my time than it would have been responding to your post to begin with.

Also no one cares about your unbelievable commie-radar, and being born in a communist country doesn't make you the expert you seem to think it does, so you should really stop prefacing all your thoughts with that as though it gives you some kind of authority on the subject.

Anonymous said...

FYI. I posted the first post and the last two anonymous ones. I was born in Cuba, and I know first hand what kind of mess Socialism/Communism brings to a country. Michael Moore made it sound like there was great medicine in Cuba. What a joke, my aunt and mom had to send anesthesia to my grandfater in Cuba for an operation. You only get good healthcare if you are a government official or a sports star. Like it was said in "Animal Farm": Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Greg Shahade said...

To the person listing the TV shows, Cmon give me a break, I listed one example from both sides, because I'm posting on a messageboard and not doing the research to determine which stations/shows/websites are the absolute most biased. Why does everyone seem to feel like that means I am saying those are the only or most extreme examples?

Also I was talking more about the comments left by regular users at those websites anyway, not TV programming.

Greg Shahade said...

Carlos what are you talking about and what does Cuba have to do with Obama or communism. Gimme a break. I hear he's a terrorist too!

While taking the entirety of something may be bad (communism), that doesn't mean that taking maybe one or two ideas from it would always be a huge disaster and automatically mean that the entire nation will become communist in no time.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with someone making lots of money? I thought that was the American dream?

That's why most people come to this country for. For freedom and the chance to make it (usually meaning making it financially).

Anonymous said...

Stick to chess (or poker). Voting to use government to steal money from others is immoral. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow rocks. A smart (Rhodes Scholar from Stanford), gay woman must really make you male chauvinist chess players nervous. You probably like women who wink at you during vice presidential debates because, like Rich Lowry from the National Review, you think she is winking right at you and you see "starbursts." Ha! Obama's economic policy owes more to the University of Chicago where he taught law than to any notion of socialism. Who are his economic advisors? Robert Rubin, Warren Buffet, Paul Volker. Not exactly Castro's ministers. Maybe if you turned off Faux News/Fox Noise and read something other than a chess book, you would be better informed. But back to IM Lenderman. Good luck in your next match against Tate!

Anonymous said...

One good argument by Alex got unnoticed so far....

McCain is WAY TOO OLD for the job...

finally sb mentions this killer-argument ...

Anonymous said...

Regarding Rachel Maddox and her sexual orientation brought about by Anonymous. You have creationists who are mostly anti-gay, and then you have evolutionists who are usually "intellectuals" and are mostly pro-gay or at least tolerant.

I am definitely tolerant of homosexuals and believe in evolution. But I cannot imagine evolution and homosexuality in the same context. Just imagine that evolution favored gay dinosaurs over heterosexual ones. Wouldn't that make them extinct pretty quickly? :)

The previous is off the subject, but I find it nonetheless ironic.

es_trick said...

Carlos said...
"What is wrong with someone making lots of money? I thought that was the American dream?

That's why most people come to this country for. For freedom and the chance to make it (usually meaning making it financially)."

There's nothing wrong with people making lots of money, if they've earned it. I applaud Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for making their fortunes. I also applaud them for their philanthropy.

But those Wall Street bankers who make tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, while driving their companies into bankruptcy, what have they done to earn that kind of money? And what possibly justifies the golden parachutes that amount to tens of millions, and in some cases more than a hundred million dollars, that they receive when they are fired for incompetence? What value have they added to the economy?

Most people (as in 99.9999%) who have come to America to make it financially will never see the kind of wealth that those leaches at the top of the food chain are taking home. Most people in America are finding it harder and harder to achieve the American dream. Wages and salaries for lower and middle income workers have been stagnant for quite some time now, but not executive pay, which has gone through the roof of a Manhattan sky scraper.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Paris Hilton, not the wrinkled old man on Viagra or that Arab guy with the terrorist sounding name who plans to appoint his African relatives from Kenya to the US Treasury Department.

Now, seriously, I hope Alex Lenderman goes into and stays in teaching for a good number of years so he can increase critical thinking ability so that most of the posters to this thread will not be replaced as time goes by.

Z. Breshinsky (sp?) gave a lengthy interview the other night on BBC America. At the end he noted the ignorance of the American people regarding the world around them. That's why the mantras of right wing radio and other media can so easily propagandize the American public and enrich themselves at the expense of most of the country. Ignorance and the inability to think critically.

As to Cuba, it's never been a socialist or communist country. No more so than Soviet Russia ever was from the Red Terror of Lenin and Trotsky to Putin and friends in the KGB. Totalitarianism is just that--totalitarianism. Now, can we try to stick to chess for awhile?

es_trick said...

Carlos said...
“I cannot imagine evolution and homosexuality in the same context. Just imagine that evolution favored gay dinosaurs over heterosexual ones. Wouldn't that make them extinct pretty quickly?”

It would only have made them extinct if such a high percentage were homosexual that the heterosexual ones could not reproduce in sufficient numbers to sustain their viability.

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 180 million years, from the last third of the Triassic period, all the way through the Jurassic period, and to the end of the Cretaceous period. Although creationists believe that God is eternal, they are unable to wrap their minds around a number that big, or a length of time that great. By adhering to a literal interpretation of the Bible, they ironically impose finite limits on their putatively omnipotent god.

The hominid family tree is currently thought to have split off from other branches of primates around 4.4 million years ago. Our species, Homo sapiens is thought to have arisen between 250,000 – 400,000 years ago. That’s still too big a number for creationists to comprehend.

Evolution is a very slow process when you’re talking about organisms that take a minimum of 12 years to reach sexual maturity, and nine months of gestation. Human evolution is not a process that we can observe directly, as many, many generations are required for natural selection to yield a new species. Under normal circumstances, new species may never arise. New or cataclysmic conditions that necessitate physical adaptation are an important factor in evolution.

(On the other hand evolution in bacteria, which can go through multiple reproductive cycles within a single day, can be observed. Antibiotics and germicides provide cataclysmic conditions that, together with mutations and natural selection, yield drug resistant strains, which may eventually be classified as new species.)

In a world where the global population is growing by around 80 million people per year, the presence of a certain percentage of gays amongst us does not threaten the continuation of our species, or the possibility of future evolution.

Anonymous said...

McCain vs. Obama
Tate vs. Lenderman

The stakes tonight are high indeed.

es_trick said...

Brian Lafferty said...
"As to Cuba, it's never been a socialist or communist country. No more so than Soviet Russia ever was from the Red Terror of Lenin and Trotsky to Putin and friends in the KGB. Totalitarianism is just that--totalitarianism."

Socialism and totalitarianism are not mutually exclusive terms. ‘State ownership and control of the means of production and distribution goods’ is probably the most commonly used definition of Socialism. That politico-economic system does not exclude the possibility of there being a totalitarian figure or oligarchy in the position of head of state.

BTW, congratulations to IM Lenderman on his great play for the Queens.

Anonymous said...

Ok for starters,iam a rebulican and yes i do think Bush did a terrible job, but going to Iraq was not a mistake,STAYING was, if we did not go, then everyone would know america was a pushover and it would lead to bad things, and yes staying has made us look bad also, but Obamas play dosent help the situations, he does plan to take the troops out of Iraq but at what cost? also he is VERY inexperenced where as he VP Biden should be the president and he should be the VP due to experence in politics, Obama would destroy this country, and bury it even worse than it already is, where as McCains experence would actaully do this country some good

Anonymous said...

Also you are never to old to be president, with age comes wisdom and thats something frankly that McCain dosent have, also for the color thing that somepeople are being racist about... Obama isnt even really black.... he was born in Hawaii, and yes his father was born in Kenya but he wasnt, he is a mix

Anonymous said...

"Socialism and totalitarianism are not mutually exclusive terms. ‘State ownership and control of the means of production and distribution goods’ is probably the most commonly used definition of Socialism."

I think it's a bit more complicated. See: http://wiki.idebate.org/index.php/Totalitarianism and some of the sources cited there, particularly Arendt.

As for tonight--Go Blitz!! And tomorrow, Go Sox!! I think the Blitz has better chances. :-(

es_trick said...


As a New England resident, I also say "Go Blitz!"

From the article you cited:

“. . . some communist regimes, such as Yugoslavia under Tito, the People's Republic of China under Deng Xiaoping and Cuba under Fidel Castro, have authoritarian rather than totalitarian characteristics.”

“Historically, totalitarian regimes have generally surpassed authoritarian ones in size and in power.”

“The relationship between totalitarianism and authoritarianism also remains controversial: some see totalitarianism as an extreme form of authoritarianism, while others argue that they differ completely.
Some political analysts, notably neo-conservatives such as Jeane Kirkpatrick, have studied the various distinctions between totalitarianism and authoritarianism. “

“Political theories such as libertarianism regard totalitarianism as the most extreme form of statism.”

Hannah Arendt may be the seminal author on the subject, by virtue of having been the first to write about the subject in a detailed way, but it does not appear that there is consensus among political scientists as to what exactly totalitarianism is. (I do admit that I was thinking more of dictatorship, rather that totalitarianism per se, in my previous post.)



Anonymous said...

"You know maybe he means that in general some random businessman shouldn't make 100x what a teacher, firefighter, police officer makes."

Why not?

Anonymous said...

Mate in eight against Tate.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to
IM Alex Lenderman.

Anonymous said...

Good job Zippy on beating Tate.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Following Lenderman-Tate last night on ICC, I suggested 33. . . Rd7 for black.

A very nice FM whose name I forget then gave this variation as a refutation: 34. Qb6 Qd6 35. Rc8 Rc8 36. Bb7 Rb7 37. Qd6

But I woke up at 5:00 this morning thinking about the continuation 37. . . Rc1 38. Rf1 Nh3 39. gh3 Rg7 40. Kf2 Rc2 41. Ke1 Rgg2

I don't have Rybka or any of those things. Is that a real variation? What's going on? Please help.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Just to clarify, people do not give me interviews so that rude idiots can insult them for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. You can call ME names until you are blue in the face, but I will delete comments that randomly attack interview subjects.

Anonymous said...

"What is wrong with someone making lots of money? I thought that was the American dream?"

No, the American dream is making enough money, and having the freedoms to enjoy it. Or, to flip it around, living in freedom, and having enough money to enjoy it.

Which means something has gone very wrong in America when nearly half the country finds itself slipping over the brink from enough to not-enough, while a powerful few pile way-the-holy-fuck-more-than-most-people-can-even-wrap-their-brains-around on top of their preexisting more-than-enough.

Anyone who comes from a former or current Communist country ought to know damn well that when you don't have enough, it doesn't matter whether you have rights or not: a lack of economic freedom inevitably impinges on whatever political freedom you might have.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, will the Sox follow the example of the Blitz and win tonight??

I hope you don't expect me to dig out and reread Arndt.......

Anonymous said...

L enderman is a
O bama
S loan
E lizabeth
R ight

tanch said...

That was a great interview, Elizabeth.

Thank you for sharing it.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Unfortunately for me, I have a secret rule that poems, even terrible acrostic poems that don't make any sense, (Right?) are immune from deletion.

Anonymous said...

I posted the question above about the variation in the Lenderman-Tate game. On ICC, I messaged Lenderman with the same question, and he very kindly replied. What a nice guy!

Loser? No.
Every game a win.
Nice guy, too.
Dat's somethin'
Everyone can agree on.
Nunchuk-wielding ninja of the 64 squares.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Lenderman too, why did you call Boston "hated"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lenerman I do yo mama
Isnt is a bumma
That I aint got a Humma

Anonymous said...

Calling Boston "hated is a joke :) I am a yankee fan, and obviously root against the redsox while they'er at the playoffs, and so that trend continues. Even though i like many players on Blitz as well as Redsox, that's just a joke to make the thing more catchy, not to offend anybody. Hopefully noone's feelings were hurt :)

Alex L

Anonymous said...

Is the YouTube video "Lenderman Gets Light with PS 70" widely circulated among the chess community? Because he totally has this Bill T. Jones thing going on. . . .

Anonymous said...

I hate Boston too, because they just kicked my team's ass and ended our season. I mean you would think with Erenburg winning the rest of the team could at least score 1 point especially since we outrated them but no those fishes keep losing and losing- sickening!


Anonymous said...

Amazing Sox! Good couple of days for Boston. Will it last?

Michael Edlavitch said...

Have you tried the online Math Games at Hooda Math yet?

Michael Edlavitch said...

Have you tried the online Math Games at Hooda Math yet?

Anonymous said...

Weirdness in the interview

"For every game [Alex Stripunsky] helped me prepare very well. It's hard to describe because then I'd reveal some of the secrets he tells me about how to go about certain opponents and scouting reports, which Alex told me not to release anymore, given that Mark Ginsburg was upset at him."

I talked to AL about this. I was never upset at anyone (AS,AL) so don't know where this came from. AL also doesn't know, and asks that it be deleted from the interview.

Unknown said...

Who wouldn't like Bush?:
Largest debt in American history.
BA in American history and did not
know the start dates of WW2.
Due to Iraq war over 1 million innocent civilians dead,weapons of
mass delusion found on Mars.