Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chess in the Parks

The annual Chess in the Parks tournament was today at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Below are some of my favorite pictures of my students. More are at

Rochelle, 1750. She was up a pawn against Kasparov in his simul last week. He reportedly had to spend 40 minutes at her board (I couldn't stay to watch; I had to take the other kids home by then) and later called it his toughest game.

Sekou, Alexis, Pobo, Myles: the last three were key scorers on 318 K-6 Championship team. Average rating = 1600. (Sekou is in 6th grade this year.)

Alexis : tied for second at last year's National Elementary.


Juan, Adolfo, Cesar, Christopher: new to the team.

Pobo: the happiest kid in the world

Emmanuel: Joel's little brother

JP with Yuri Lapshun

Lisa: touching the rook?




always the life of the party: Jonathan Corbblah

always picturesque: central park

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