Monday, June 8, 2009

check out this new chess blog

music, chess and mushrooms
sample excerpt: "Since White pretty much has Mate On Tap ™ as soon as he queens, Black has to mate with all checks, but it’s pretty easy for him to just walk away from the knights while staying on the same colored squares as them, which makes it impossible for them to catch up with check. Here is a sample of the issues:"

also his mushroom-only blog and his music-only blog
is anyone else impressed?

totally unrelated but also cool: 21 accents in 2 minutes

watch her getting ready for a date next


ATH2044 said...

I got the Brooklyn one right away. You don't actually sound like that, but the attitude is pretty close.

es_trick said...

This is great!

Many of my EFL clients are quite befuddled by the prospect of having to learn to comprehend multiple accents in order to be able to function on the job in their international corporation.

This will be very interesting material for them to take in.

Robert Pearson said...

Good work, but Texas needs a bit of refining, little broader and more relaxation of the nasal passages. Still, for a girl from Seattle her British/Irish stuff is superb.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

what I love the most is that she does a 1945 accent at the end

Anonymous said...

I'm an IM, 2495, and IMHO, her Bosnian accent is way more impressive:

Granny O'Doul said...

Bosnian IM rated 2495: I think she meant 1945, the year.