Friday, November 13, 2009

chessmusic, businessstrategy

Tonight I went with my friend Adia to a concert at the Marshall with a 9 piece orchestra and a musical chess board called The King's Gambit.

Pressing the squares plays notes. I didn't catch the entire organizational explanation, but it sounded like you play chords in A major on the a file and A minor on the first rank (or vice versa)

the piano gears under the board.

Adia Onyango

a CEO talks about chess and business strategies:

thanks to Olav Athayde for the link


The Chess Dad said...

Chess: Learn strategy for business, good point!

Bionic Lime said...

Alan Trefler -- rating 2197. Hasn't played a rated game since at least 1991.

Anonymous said...

Best known for sharing first place in the 1975 World Open.