Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am thankful that my students are good at chess.

Five 318 students tied for first in the open section of the CIS tournament at Frederick Douglas Academy today: Randy Rivera, Jehron Bryant, James Black, Myles Foster and Danny Feng. Rawn Prowell and Alexis Paredes tied for 6th-7th with 3.5/4.

This was on the teacher's desk in the classroom where I was analyzing games. Fewer FAILURES!

Super TD (and former 318 student) Marta Szulc

Quiz Positions

?? - Xonatia Lee
1. Can black play 13...e5?

Pobo Efekoro - Simon
2. Black played 11...exf4. What's wrong with this?

Otto Schatz - Vincent
3. Which is better: 7. Nc3 or 7. 0-0?

???- Vaughn Soso

4. It doesn't seem like white should be winning, but he is. white to move.

Malik Perry -- Sebastian Dabrowski

5. black to move

??- Pobo

6. black to move. the first move isn't that hard to guess, but the supporting variations are pretty.

Joel Ogunremi - Randy Contreras
7. Joel was expecting 18....0-0, but instead his opponent played 18.... f6. What's white's best response?

8. An endgame study from Joel Yoffie. white to move

(answers below photos)

Shawn Swindell

Vaughn Soso

Sebastian Dabrowski

Ronavia McMillian

Myles Foster

Kenneth Martin

Emmanuel Ogunremi and Matthew Kluska

Emmanuel is a very expressive child. He's also 1300! and 8!

David Kim

Danny Feng has won five straight Chess in the Schools tournaments with a perfect score (20-0). Today he won a completely totally laughably drawn opposite color bishop endgame through sheer force of will. Danny comes up to me after the last round and meets my eyes and says "twenty." It was awesome.

Jehron Bryant also went 4-0

Edgar Zambria

Anita Maksimiuk


1) 13... e5? loses to 14. dxe5 Bxe5 15. Nxe5 Rxe5 16. Qxe5 Qxe5 17. Rd8#

2) 11....exf4 loses because 12. Bxf4 attacks the queen and if it moves Qd4 then 13. Nb6 is checkmate:

3) 7. 0-0 is much better, since 7. Nc3 loses to 7...Nxc3 8. bxc3 Bxc4. White can't try to make in between moves, because 8. Qxd8 Rxd8 9. Bxe6? loses to 9... Rd1#!

4) Vaughn's opponent played 1. Rg6!

5) Sebastian played 17...Nxd4 18. cxd4 Qxd4+ 19. Kh1 Qxd3, winning two pawns.
6) Black should play 12... Nd3+ and now two variations:

13. Kf1 Qd4 threatens Qxf2# and Qxa1.
13. Ke2 Qd4 14. Bxb4 O-O-O (D)

black threatens 15... Qxf2#

If 15. Qf1 Nxb4 with two mate threats: 16... Qd3+ 17. Ke1 Nc2# and 16... Qe5+ 17. Be4 Qxe4#
Or if 15. Rf1 Nf4+ 16. Ke1 Qe5+ 17. Qe2 Qxe2+ 18. Bxe2 Nxg2#

7) 2... f6 3. exf6 Bxf6 4. Bc5 Qd7 5. Qh5+ g6 (5... Qf7 6. Rae1+) 6. Qe2+ *

8) 1. Nf4+ Rxf4 2. Bd7 and there is no way for the rook to get back to guard the pawn.

more photos


Ron Young said...

So when do we get to hear about the dumbass. I don't even care if he's talented.

Anonymous said...

Your students are good at chess but less accomplished at hairsytling (re funky pencil hairstyle of Ms. Szulc)! :)

Anonymous said...

That pencil headdress is made of 100 percent pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is that funky pencil headdress in honor of Native Americans headdresses or turkeys?

Elizabeth Vicary said...
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Elizabeth Vicary said...

You have to keep in mind that when you are directing a scholastic tournament of 400 kids, someone asks you for a pencil twice every minute.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lizzy, the expressions in your pictures are priceless. You are the Catherine Jaeg of scholastic chess! (For the reader, Catherine Jaeg is a French photographer who in the late 80's and early 90's photographed world class chess players at international tournaments. A book of many of her excellent black-and-white photographs were published in a book in the 1990's - I can't remember the name, unfortunately.)

Anonymous said...

I did some checking; I believe the Catherine Jaeg book is titled "Black and White Passion" and was published in 1990 or the early 90's.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thank you, anon 11:09!
I wrote the story for you, Ron!

Anonymous said...

Is Marta single?