Saturday, June 12, 2010

do you know what happens if you call 311 because your neighbor's carbon monoxide alarm annoys you?

they transfer you to 911 and then within 4 minutes (so fast!) six burly firemen are there. Then a few more pour out from both down and up the stairs, like in a cartoon. They knock once on Neighbor's door, then take out a huge steel wedge and hammer the lock off. Then they broke open another internal door. The cause of the alarm turned out to be a dead battery. whole thing took 15 minutes, start to finish. crazy, huh?


Anonymous said...

Very impressive. And reassuring, actually.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

right? I felt very safe afterwards.

Anonymous said...

During the MA G-60 championship the pilot light in one of the burners in the senior center kitchen went out. No big problem. Just get a match or cigarette lighter and relight it--right? Wrong. Nobody had a light. Where have all the chess smokers gone? We called the fire dept. who came with three trucks and a chief's car. They evacuated the building, but then they didn't have a lighter and had to run to a convenience store for matches. As his men were coming out the door after relighting the pilot, the chief said in a hearty tone-"Well done men." We all had a good laugh with the FD.
Brian Lafferty