Saturday, June 5, 2010

oooooh, I have a certain charm

hello blog readers!
I am thrilled to report I was mentioned in Rowson's column in New in Chess. I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it says

"There are many more worthy sites and blogs, and I apologize to those I haven't mentioned here (for instance, Elizabeth Vicary's Blog has a certain charm and has plenty of good stuff), but I have to sign off..."

Lots of other good things have been happening to me. I cut my hair again:

I got my broken laptop back, all fixed by HP. thanks!
I read that I will not be laid off. (hurray!)
I biked all the way to Brighton Beach (and back) with Jonathan last Monday. There are bike paths almost the entire way!

I made a rhubarb crumble:

I played in a tournament at the Marshall last weekend. It was nice to play again, but hard to be focused and sit still. I scored 2/4 but thought the quality of my games was maybe a C-.

I'm learning the Catalan and it's fun: it makes me want to play blitz with the kids all the time.

I've made a resolution to not get visibly annoyed at any kid for all of June. (I slipped up once already, but the kid was intentionally knocking over other people's sets, so I'm giving myself a second chance.)

what else? I went to yoga this morning. I made a big salad when I got back. I'm going to take 10-12 CLEP tests to move to the next salary step as a teacher. I'm awesome at taking standardized tests, so I figure it will be cake. (is this boring?)

basically, everything's going really well and I'm very happy, so I have nothing to tell you. sorry.


es_trick said...

Glad to hear you're not being laid off, after all. It certainly would've been an awful shame for that to happen, though I'm sure you would have landed on your feet.

G.Colas said...

Marvelous news for Elizabeth and the kids!

Anonymous said...

best post ever

gudronark said...

Great new haircut! Really cool that y'all biked so far. Job salvation! HP fixes your laptop! Playing in a tournament (even if the performance was C -), and getting mentioned in New in Chess. What a Summer, and it's not even officially Summer yet!

That rhubarb crumble looks good. It's good to make things and do things and enjoy things.

Anonymous said...


Are you aware that your photo appears at

Anonymous said...

Great news!!, Elizabeth!


Ron Young said...

That's pretty good. I was once described as "tenacious" in Chess Life.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

anon 3:00 I like that I am the only woman there who is not hypersexualized.

It makes me feel special. :)

Anonymous said...

oh that's too bad. i was hoping you would get laid off.

robert beatty said...

Great news Elizabeth!!

Anonymous said...

Please grow your hair!!!!