Tuesday, December 30, 2008

San Javier, more Wu-Tang, business cards

San Javier and Jean
inside the church

more from the Wu-Tang Manual:
"Power comes from surprising places. The knight, for example, isn't the most obvious power pieces, but it is the most Mathematical. It moves in a right angle of two steps up and one left. It's also close to God because its course traces a number seven on the board. You have to be super careful around the knight. To me, the knight and the rook are the two most dangerous men on the board. If I have my knights and my rooks, I'm still a very formidable foe. "
"I think marijuana is just nature's way of sayin' 'Hi.'"
-- Method Man
I had a new idea for business cards. My friend Jean has an attractive, artsy card, and I know I should get one, because people are always asking me at scholastic tournaments and I'm always writing my email on old receipts or torn sheets of paper. So here's my idea: cards that fade to blank after three days. That way, if someone deson't call you in a reasonable time frame, they lost their chance. I'm envisioning a plastic overlay that you remove immediately before giving the card out, and maybe (after the idea takes off), we can provide options-- a 2 week card (for business), a 3 day card for bars.
word of the day: monetize


Anonymous said...

That fading card idea is nifty :)

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