Sunday, December 21, 2008

student tactics quiz positions!

Shawn Swindell

1. Shawn Swindell 1496 - Patrick Thomas 1370

White continued with the theoretical 9. Ng5.
a) what's wrong with 9... Qxf6?
b) what's the best move for black instead?

Mitasha Palha

2. Samuel Russell 1322 - Mitasha Palha 973

White played 14.Bd4. What's hilariously wrong with this?

Miguel Garcia

3. Gideon Stebbins 695 -- Miguel Garcia 1569
Miguel didn't play the best move, but he did find the funniest one.

John Paul Garcia with IM Yury Lapshun

4. JP Garcia 1402 - Dylan Austin 832
white to move

Jose Morrero, orange shirt

5. Jose Morrero 1220 - Justin Martinez 1563
Black played 7... Nbd7.
a) what's wrong with that? b) what's the only decent move in this position?

Ameer Williams, left, with Rochelle Ballantyne and Najeebah Williams

6. Ameer Williams 1083 - Tatiana Raevsky 1358
He didn't see it,but what should Ameer (white) have played here?

7. Shin, Philip 1541 -- Ameer Williams 1083
This time Ameer found it! Black to move.

Joel Ogunremi is one of my most talented sixth graders. He learned some valuable endgame lessons in this tournament.

8. Joel Ogunremi 1144 - Brian Jordan 1567

What king and rook set-up should white use to stop the black d pawn? What movie should white make now?

9. Matthew Goldstein UNR - Joel Ogunremi 1133
White just played b4. How should black respond?

Answers will be coming shortly in an article behind this one (I'll back -time it).

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