Monday, December 1, 2008

Perudo, a Jenn look-alike, Greg's new house, American Airlines, a beautiful photo

First and most importantly, I have defeated Greg Shahade in a game for the first or possibly second time in 13 years, depending on whether you count winning 1 out of 3 games of blindfold chess (him not me) as victory. On Thursday, I beat him at my first ever attempt at Perudo, a game of dice, bidding, and bluffing, and the absolute undisputed greatest game in the world. I was down 5-1, and successfully out bid/out bluffed Greg Shahade five times in a row.

five, Greg.

She was standing on the street in Chinatown, waiting for the same Chinese bus to Philly that I was. At first I thought she was Jenn, same sunglasses, but she wasn't.

Greg and Susan just bought a house! Hurray for them! Here are some pictures, but understand that the furniture belongs to the guy living there now and is not in concordance with the captions.

front room

kitchen (1st floor)

second floor living room/guest room

Greg's study (2nd floor)

master bedroom (3rd floor)

Susan's study (3rd floor)


I played in the National Chess Congress and got 2.5/5 (1 bye). I was paired down most rounds, so I lost some points. Oh well. I am not an emotional slave to my rating. Games will be posted soon.

Here's two funny things for you:

FORT WORTH, TX—Cash-strapped American Airlines announced a new series of fees this week that will apply to all customers not currently flying, scheduled to fly, or even thinking about flying aboard the commercial carrier.

American Airlines has promised never to raise its fees for not printing a boarding pass.
The fees, the latest introduced by American Airlines in a continuing effort to combat its financial woes, will take effect on Monday. According to company officials, these charges will include a $25 tax on citizens traveling with any other airline, as well as a mandatory $30 surcharge for passengers who decide to just stay home for the holidays instead . . .

silly photo of Alex


Greg Shahade said...

You didnt win 5 in a row. When heads up play started I was up 5-1 but then you won 4 in a row. Then you called exact to take a 2-1 lead.

Then I challenged YOU CORRECTLY, and it was back to 1-1. Then I was distracted by the previously eliminated losers who were rushing me on what was clearly the most important decision of my life, and so I made a mistake, but point is you won only 1 in a row.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Point is I crushed you through my greater skill and awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is f***ing scary. Can you say "creep"?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

having a photo of your face taken at a funny angle doesn't make you a creep.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

wait, Greg, you're saying I won four in a row and then I won the fifth by calling exact. hurray for me?! winning five in a row?!