Wednesday, November 26, 2008

do you like ridiculous conspiracy theories and economic history? also Modernist poets?

Then you may be interested in this report, commissioned by poet Ezra Pound (?!) who was prevented from going to the Library of Congress because he was being held as a political prisoner in a mental hospital in D.C.(?!) It's about how some tycoons dreamed up the Federal Reserve System in some secret meetings on Jekyll's Island, Georgia in 1910. And how it's all one big scam, and they suck the wealth out of our hands.


Anonymous said...

I only like modernists-with-a-little-m poets. The big-M variety just have capitalization issues.

Anonymous said...

William Carlos Williams (as students, he and Pound were friends at the University of Pennsylvania) had crackpot economic theories himself.

One much prefers Wallace Stevens (a full-time capitalist) and Hart Crane (a full-time crackpot). Also Marianne Moore, who gave birth to Elizabeth Bishop.

phishcake5 said...

"One much prefers Wallace Stevens (a full-time capitalist) and Hart Crane (a full-time crackpot)." Here here.

"Also Marianne Moore, who gave birth to Elizabeth Bishop." Never heard it put quite that way.

Anonymous said...

here here?

phishcake5 said...

"Hear, hear!" means "I agree heartily with the previous speaker." see

I left out the exclamation point...maybe thats what threw you.

Anonymous said...

Phish, I know what "hear hear" means. You wrote here here, that's what "threw" me.

Anonymous said...

That's what THROUGH you.

Anonymous said...


Our central bank (the Fed) is best understood as a legal counterfeiter. When the Fed buys something, it writes a check upon itself, creating money in the process. Increasing the stock of money is in fact inflation. This contrasts with the popular definition of inflation as in increase in consumer prices. The rise in consumer prices is the effect, not the cause. Through the little understood and stealth tax of inflation, the powerful banking interests and federal government rob us all, bit by bit every day.

Read Rothbard's short pamphlet "What has government done to Our Money" for a more complete understanding of Money. Available free online here.

Rothbard's The Mystery of Banking (available free is also highly recommended as a more detailed look at the subject of money - and the fraud that is banking.

By the way, The Jeckyll Island conspiracy is actually true. The historical details are well-documented in G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island" (see for example)

Anonymous said...

So does this get filed under news or gossip for USCL?

Just kidding.

But on a chess related note, whats your favorite tournament outside of the States?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

favorite tournament outside the US:

Curacao is hard to beat: luxurious, all-inclusive resort, everyone is super-friendly and on vacation, 1 round a day at 3 pm, rest of the time is spent drinking rum and tonics on the beach, 90degrees, white sand, absolutely transparent sea water ...

Edmonton has *great* people and excellent conditions, but was a little chilly and lacked a variety of places to eat after the round. But next year they will have the Canadian Open and are hoping to invite oodles of good players including Magnus Carlsen, so that might be fun to check out.

Bad Wiesse is a trippy Bavarian adventure, but you have to go with people you really enjoy hanging out with because it's cold and strange and one round a day there.

Cappelle le Grand is supposed to be awesome, but I've never been. I belive by "awesome" the person describing meant "lots of female players are invited and they have some tradition of all the players eating communal meals together before the round and drinking lots of red wine. But that might be just a story.