Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Weekend at the Marshall

waiting for the L train going home Sunday night: Myles, Alexis, JP

Myles, Rashawn, Azeez, JP
Rashawn, Azeez


Azeez, Rashawn



I took eight kids to play in the Marshall Amateur Team Tournament this weekend. I also played, at least on Saturday, with my friend Paul McCormick. On Sunday this extra kid showed up at school and I let him come along and take my place.

Guess who won the tournament? Alexis Paredes, 1725, who beat Darrian Robinson (1900) and some Russian expert (2033).


Anonymous said...

The smiles say it all!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have a separate blog for scholastic stuff.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

a) why?
b) I kinda do:

Anonymous said...

For some reason I just remembered a discouraging scene: walking by a cafe in Princeton, NJ, I glanced in the window at a chess lesson. A twenty-something guy was (ostensibly) teaching a tween-age girl.

At a glance I could tell the pedagogy was all wrong. The guy was holding a scoresheet (a game the girl had played?) and moving pieces around the board, fast, and gesturing. The girl looked mortified/bored. The only thing being accomplished was the guy showing off how much he knows about chess (at that, he was probably all of 1800).

It was a sad, unilateral business. There was no give and take, and certainly no fun, joy.

Fun and joy are all over the photos of these kids, fresh from the Marshall.

From the patzer said...

Oke, this 1700+ guy has won the tournament. So what? I mean, he may be rated 1700+ but his chess strenght may be much better. Only in his rating it does not just show.

Anyway, congrats to the winner and all your chessy kids! And offcourse a firm handshake and a well done to the teacher.