Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chess Lessons!

Grandmaster Alex Shabalov is down to give you chess lessons. He's having a special sale: lessons on skype/webcam/video-chat-type software are $50/ hour if you buy at least 8 hours a month, or $60/hour if you buy fewer. Email him at


Anonymous said...

This is quite a deal.

Anonymous said...


His post mentioning BMW posted 15-Nov 16:38


A user's comment posted 3 hours earlier:

3rd comment down

Anonymous said...

A couple of pictures of GM Alexander Shabalov from the 17th Kings Island Open!

Anonymous said...

From one educator to another . . . We know how good a chess player Shaba is, but how is he as a teacher?

Anonymous said...

The Shaba should be charging at least 100/h

Jesse Kraai

Anonymous said...

50/hr is pathetic for a GM of his caliber: either he knows he sucks as a coach or he is really desperate. The times are tough i know but 50/hr c'mon man, have some respect for yourself and for other chess teachers. If you Shaba charge 50 then others will have to starve because they wont be able to charge much.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

That's a little hard for me to say, anijoshi, because Alex and I don't look at chess together much. But he's definitely good-- maybe not the most experienced teacher out there, but he explains well, he knows what the important things about a position are, he gives you his undivided attention during a lesson, and is friendly. It's also a pretty big plus, timewise, to have a teacher who immediately knows the answer to every question. I would definitely say that I've learned things (about chess) from Alex that I don't think I could have learned from anyone else.

Plus, as people are pointing out, it's an amazing deal-- I guess this is the internet making Pittsburgh prices available to everyone.