Thursday, May 7, 2009

best ad ever

I like the Chinese dude at the end.


es_trick said...

Are you being humorous when you refer to one of the most pivitol figures of the 20th century as merely "the Chinese guy"?

es_trick said...
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Elizabeth Vicary said...

intentionally humorous?

ATH2044 said...

Elizabeth is so naturally humorous (in a good way) that she doesn't even have to try.
Chairman Mao is definitely a "one-in-a-billion" character.
While you've selected a commercial with both a solid plot line & some post-modernesque graphics, my vote for "best" would probably be this vintage Alka Seltzer commercial, unless you're into the more provocative ones like these. Ever since Disney/Pixar has flooded the market with high end animation I feel drawn to stuff like Felix The Cat.