Monday, September 7, 2009

Queens Team Meeting

Queens had its team meeting at the Wall Street Baths on Sunday. GM Pascal Charbonneau came along to spy for the NY Knights, and brought his lovely sister, Anne Marie.

IM Dmitry Shneider and GM Pascal Charbonneau

A few carefully chosen words from my teammates on our upcoming match against Baltimore:

board three FM Andrei Zaremba: "I don't know my opponent, but he probably knows me."

board one and team captain, IM Dmitry Shneider:

"I'm just going to take it one move at a time. I think it's going to be a tough match, but we have chances to win."

Pascal and Andrei are having a who-can-not-laugh-first contest.

Pascal keeps his cool, but Andrei is clearly already under pressure.

Andrei lost maybe 6 times in a row.

Pascal and Anne Marie playing tandem

against Andrei and Dmitry

I went directly from the baths to Philly to visit League Commissioner Greg Shahade and his lovely girlfriend Susan:

League Commissioner IM Greg Shahade

In other news, I'm reading a great book Greg lent me called "The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty," an excerpt of which is available here. It's led me to a great website, Give Well, which evaluates charities on how effective they really are. It's also inspired me to realize that I'm spending my money on ridiculous luxuries when people around the world are suffering terribly. I've committed to start by donating $50/ month to Greg's charity project. I'd like to ask you guys to also contribute, if you can, either to Greg's project or to some nonprofit of your choice. thanks!!


Mark Howitt said...

You need to post some pictures of topless women to maintain sexual exuality ;).

Mark Howitt said...

Equality even!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

There are plenty of places on the internet where you can find barely-clothed pictures of women… like chessbase.

Leon Akpalu said...

You noticed that?

Leon Akpalu said...

About ChessBase, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Do Canadians dress like that?

The one female photo is almost topless and worse than Chessbase.


Polly said...

Is it me or did you use two of the same person's picture when showing Dmitry Schneider and Andrei Zaremba? They look like identical twins!

Anonymous said...

What if we dont trust charity but would be willing to donate to a needy person who wants to play in the world open?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

that's very nice also. did you wnat to be on the list?

Elizabeth Vicary said...
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Elizabeth Vicary said...

sorry, polly, I didn't realize it was confusing

Polly said...

I'm easily confused. :-) Zaremba's name and quote looked like a caption to the second picture of Schneider.

Anonymous said...

Zaremba is a shining hunk of chess man meat.

Gurdonark said...

"I'm spending my money on ridiculous luxuries when people around the world are suffering terribly".

well said, so I'm going to act on that thought.