Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday at the Marshall

Shawn Swindell, 1679, who went 3-1, beat experts Darrian Robinson and Alena Katz, and won the under 2000 prize.

Myles Foster

Pobo Efekoro

Justus Williams (2020) won all his games.

Alexis Parades

Rochelle Ballantyne

more pictures here
and a video you shouldn't miss


Gurdonark said...

It sounds like your kids played some great games. What a heady feeling--to be 1600something and beat 2 experts. When it happens for me with only 1, I am over the moon. It's great to see so many photos of so many kids joining in.

I think it's most important that your kids have fun and learn how to use discipline to achieve results through chess.

Yet, I am hopeful enough to imagine what an amazing thing it would be if you spawned a goodish number of chess adult chess players who offered strong competition in tournaments and helped the chess federation/clubs grow once more.

Anonymous said...

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