Wednesday, October 7, 2009

awesome uscl threads you may have missed

1. Joel's funny/mean halfway report and Ilya's hilarious comment 6
2. the innocuous Chicago blaze report and Bryan Smith's angry response
3. the USCL blog's game of week 5. Notice how Jeff Ashton achieves what I would have thought was impossible: getting Ilya Krasik, Hikaru Nakamura, and John Bartholomew all to agree.


Polly said...

Thanks for the links. Often the comments are more amusing then the actual posting. I like your suggestion to Ilya. LOL

Anonymous said...

Two roads diverged in a run down 'hood,
And sorry I could not travel one
And be celebrated, long I stood
And looked with envy, as far as I could
To where it glittered in the sun;

Then took the other, in misery
And having somewhat less acclaim,
Unkindness -- utter poverty;
For even international mastery
Is not like having wealth and fame,

I shall be telling this with a cry
To nameless jeers in mocking breath
Two roads diverged in a 'hood, and I
I took what fate could not deny
Where time control is sudden death.

Tom Panelas said...

The next time I feel the urge to wax literary in a blog post I'll lie down till it goes away.

And leave the poetry to the poets. Like Anonymous 4:47.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Ashton being utterly arrogant? Sounds completely unlike him! He's so humble in his "I'm better than everyone" kind-a-way.

Anonymous said...

Ilya rules Liz, doesnt he, he talks smacks to Gms, smashes his opponents and seems to have fun doing it.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Ilya is my hero

Anonymous said...

What's Ashton's rating anyway, he sounds like a complete fish. All these players he dissed could give him and 50 idiots like him a blindfolded simul. Why have ths best game contest when you have such incompetent judging.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

it’s like an onion headline: “chessplayers think other chessplayers have poor taste”

Mark Howitt said...

Serious chess players are so anal.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to youtube, a guy crying into his webcam saying "leave Bryan Smith alone".

Daniel Pomerleano said...

Leave Bryan Smith alone:) I can certainly sympathize which made me never really take chess seriously. It's a big problem that nobody can really earn money from playing(except 5-10 guys). Not everyone loves to teach this stuff, so at least let the guy whine a little bit without pretending like you don't understand where he is coming from.