Friday, October 30, 2009

The I.S. 318 Chess Team: The Kings of Brooklyn Chess

Thirteen-year-old Miguel Garcia makes a move against an opponent, gets up to walk away for five minutes, only to come back, take one look at the board, and swipe his rook to capture his opponent’s pawn at 4-6. It’s an ice-cold move that brings to mind why, when speaking of the great athletes of professional team sports, so many references are made to “thinking like a chess player” — always a few moves ahead. Garcia has reason to be so self-assured, as he is one of the top players on the top team in the country: the defending national champions of I.S. 318 in Williamsburg.

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1 comment:

John C. Fernandez said...

Silly writer. Everyone knows that Pawn to 3-6 is a far better move.

(I think he probably means d6, if I really had to guess.)