Saturday, November 14, 2009

pictures and positions from the Marshall November Open day 1

Myles Foster
1. white to move. In this position, Rashawn Williams (white) offered George Burge (2074) a draw. Why was that a mistake?

Rashawn Williams

1A. It's a mistake because white has a reserve tempo move with g2-g3. 1. Kc2 Kc6 2. Kb3 Kc5 3. g3! and black has to give up his pawn.
2. Miguel Garcia played 20. f4 here against Andrew Berger. How should black reply?
3. Black actually played 20... Nd7. Find the best continuation for white.

Miguel Garcia

2A. Both 20... h6 and 20.... Nc4 (21. bxc4? Rb2!) are better than what was played
3A. After 21. e5! de 22. fe Qxe5 23. Rae1 Qd6 (D), they reached the position below.

4. How does white force matters?

D'Andrea Dey

4A. 24. Ne6! fe 25. Rxe6 Qc7 26. Rxe7 Kg8 27. Qh6 (D) 1-0

Shawn Swindell

5. In the above position, black blundered with 17... Qe7. How does white (Alexis Paredes) take advantage of his development lead?

Alexis Paredes

5A. White played 18. Qxe7 Nxe7 19. Re1 Nc6 20. Re8+ Kh7 21. Bg8+ Kg6 to reach the position below.

6. White has an amusing forced mate. Find it.

D'Andrea, James, Rashawn

6A. 22. Nh4+ Kh5 23. Bf7+ Kg5 24. Ne4+ Kxh4 25. g3+ Kxh3 26. Be6# (D)

more coming tomorrow, plus Justus plays his last two training games against Andrei Zaremba.


Anonymous said...

The top diagram does not indicate who is on move or what color.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

sorry! fixed! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ok, then it looks like a mistake for two reasons: he's winning, and he is on move.

Bill Brock said...

In the pawn ending, it may be useful to imagine that the pawn was already on g3 (instead of g2) with White to move.

That makes the game position a little easier to understand.