Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 250th Post!

This is my 250th post! Hurray!

Recently, people have been accusing me of causing other people to play worse, just by talking to them. Of course, I know it would be awesome to have this power. Especially if I just had to say hi to someone or chat a little bit and they would lose for sure the next day. You know what I would do? I would become a double-agent second. Think about how hilarious the Karpov-Kasparov-(Korchnoi??)-conspiracy-theory-yogurt-messages-guru-in-row-six stories were. Now add into the movie version an American female chess fan who can make people lose just by talking to them. oh my goodness. it's my dream.

I have a favor to ask you guys. Up until this year, my school has always paid the whole cost for the kids to go to Nationals. This year, because of some really brutal budget cuts and because we are taking the kids to Disney World for three days (!!), the school has had to ask each family to contribute $200 towards their child's costs. One of my eighth grade boys told me today that his mother didn't have the money for him to go.

I was hoping someone might feel moved to pay for "Jorge." I want to tell you about him or show you a photo, so you'll understand what a great kid he is, but I feel a little uncomfortable sharing personal details about him publicly. So instead let me describe what your $200 (or part thereof) would do. It would combine with the larger amount, with which the school would, in effect, triple-match your donation. This will get "Jorge" the absolute greatest week of his life. He'll be away from his parents and be with all 30 of his best friends nonstop for a week. He will get to fly on an airplane and miss school. He will get to play in a National Championship and will get to go to Disneyworld for 3 days. He will probably stay up really late on the last night and play some hilarious stupid practical jokes on the kids in the next room. He will have a really wonderful time and memories that he thinks back on for a long time.
If anyone feels moved to donate, you can email me at evicary@yahoo.com. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The yogurt thing was Karpov - Korchnoi, Baguio 1978. That was the first WCC I remember actually following. (I was seven during Fischer - Spassky).

There was a great book on the match by Ed Edmondson (formed USCF prez) with game annotations by Tal, "Chess Scandals." I owned a copy, but my stash of chess books from the '80s disappeared. :(


Anonymous said...

This is a real dilemma. Contribute and get super good karma and give Jorge a great trip, but she might talk to him and ruin the tournament for him.

Tough call.

(not a boston blitz person)

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to donate the money...check your email.


Anonymous said...

Boy that was straight forward! So . . . I coach an elementary club right down the road from Elizabeth's 318 (in fact a bunch of my kids have been on her national champ squads), and we're aiming to take 40 kids to El. Nats this year, with some top 5 potential in several sections, and the school isn't paying for ANY of it, and I've got about a DOZEN kids who can't afford it . . . so . . . any takers??

(Sorry Elizabeth, I just couldn't resist, you made it look so *easy*)

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

There's your answer. Stop talking to yourself before playing Shahade.