Friday, December 19, 2008

I love being in the NY Times

"They came, they played, they swept."

It's the ultimate affirmation of relevance in my cultural framework.
and you know who always sees and congratulates me?
my landlord. go figure.

Also a short piece in the NY Post. A photographer came to school and took some really exquisite photos, which they didn't use, but he promised to send to me to use for blog. So that's coming soon.


Tony Cortizas, Jr. said...

Congratulations! To win every section entered is an amazing achievement for your students and you, no doubt the indispensible person in this story.

Unprecedented? I wonder if a school ever swept like this in the past history of the tournament.

Tom Chivers said...


Anonymous said...

Why in the Berman game did black resign? He is up a knight and an outside passed pawn with an active king. Did the wrong game score get pasted in there?

Anonymous said...

My chess playing daughter asked the same question about the Berman game? It didn't make sense to her either.

Anonymous said...

It's exhilarating having your name being "fit to print" isn't it?

I was quoted a while ago in the Times, though not about chess (thank God :) ):

Very cool.


Anonymous said...

Oops... forgot to congratulate you and your team!

Great job everyone.


Gurdonark said...

Congratulations! Although I've only kept a scrapbook once in my life--for a Summer in the UK in college--I must admit that if I got coverage like this I'd be pasting it
into a huge scrapbook. Well done to your kids--and of course, well done to you, too.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thanks everyone!
Sorry about the Berman game-- the names are reversed, so Berman was black and won. He actually wrote it wrong, then I copied it wrong, then he told me and I made an inversion mark, but I didn't see it when I reread my notes. dumb of me. it will be fixed on uscf site soon.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Times. This was my daughter's sixth Nationals and 4th first-place team trophy yet this was the first time we got congratulatory emails from aunts, uncles and other friends Evelyn who read the article in the Times. (And our team was just a footnote to the article but hey, if it makes Aunt Judy pay attention, that's cool.) Congrats to your students. Ellen

John C. Fernandez said...

Congrats, Lizzy! Very well done!

Anonymous said...

Great job! This brings the kind of joy that not even Santa give.