Saturday, July 25, 2009

318 documentary!!

so someone is making a documentary about my chess team.
watch the trailer here
the password is letMEin (me=capitalized)


Anonymous said...

Nice video- everyone did a nice thoughtful job! You should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Your passion for the kids and chess really comes through.

Lauri said...

Niice! And it also gave a lot of idea already what you are doing. Like in the story about image and one thousand words. :)

Bill Brock said...

You are teaching children how think, how to excel, how to believe in themselves.

Can you find a way to scale what you do? You can't clone yourself, but can you teach the teachers?

Anonymous said...

very interesting and well done. i look forward to seeing the complete film. hopefully you will let us know when it is released and how we can find it?

Anonymous said... runs terrible for me. :-(

X said...

Wow...this preview looks wonderful...good editing and overall high quality production value.

Is there an estimated completion date?


Leon Akpalu said...

Very cool.

I remember looking back at my trophies when I was about 20 and thinking that they meant more than the money I'd won, because the money was gone and the trophies were still there. :-)

May I share the video link with some friends of mine who are documentarians?

ben daswani said...

looks very dope, any idea how wide the release will be (i.e. in canada?)

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Thanks everyone!

The movie itself isn't made yet-- they will be following us this year, then releasing it sometime after next summer.

Leon-- please share!

Leon Akpalu said...


And by the way -- that bit about the blog making you so easy to prepare for?

Just ask your captain to give you black all the time! Problem solved! All your games here seem to be with White -- and especially the Rossolimo Sicilian.

So that solves the preparation issue, plus your teammates will love you for taking Black all the time. Except, I suppose the board 2 player. Well, two out of three of your teammates will love you. Not such a bad deal.

Anonymous said...

I take it the filmmakers found funding? I think I was the only one to put up money on the donation website; I was sent a cancellation notice.

Polly said...

Those are fantastic! It gives me a greater appreciation and better understanding of your kids.

Looking forward to seeing the finished movie.

katar said...

Congratulations on being a good person and doing something meaningful that improves the lives of others.

ATH2044 said...

This documentary is long overdue & it should stand as a lasting inspirational monument for years to follow. Hopefully it'll be instrumental in heightening awareness about chess in general & what really goes into building a solid team of any kind. Working in that socioeconomic environment also requires a lot of heroics.
Not to detract from the seriousness, but I absolutely love your (slightly British) accent & you look vibrant & altogether fine in this clip.