Thursday, July 9, 2009

us chess school 9 first photos

under construction. captions tomorrow.

GM Alex Onischuk, Kapil Chandran

The 9th US Chess School is being held at the Marshall Chess Club. The students are:
1. Arthur Shen: 2112 USCF, 12 years old, NJ
2. Tommy He: 2080 USCF, 9 years old, TX
3. Kayden Troff: 2013 USCF, 10 years old, UT
4. Luke Harmon: 2008 USCF, 10 years old, ID
5. Sarah Chiang: 2000 USCF, 12 years old, TX
6. Anna Matlin: 1995 USCF, 13 years old, NJ
7. Christopher Wu: 1967 USCF, 10 years old, NJ
8. Michael Bodek: 1963 USCF, 11 years old, NY
9. Joshua Colas: 1951 USCF, 10 years old, NY
10. Justus Williams: 1944 USCF, 10 years old, NY
11. Jonathan Chiang, 1905 USCF, 10 years old, TX
12. Kapil Chandran: 1895 USCF, 10 years old, CT

supervised bughouse
Michael Bodek in Washington Square Park

Arthur Shen plays blitz. Tommy He eats a cookie. Greg chats with Ava Harmon.

Anna Matlin
Kapil Chandran

Kayden Troff

Justus Williams

Justus, Michael, Josh
Josh, Luke, Mike, Carl

After lunch, Greg analyzes the game Jonathan Chiang - Justus Williams (0-1) with the group.


Mark Howitt said...

Nice pics, looks like they're having fun.

Btw, Elizabeth, I have a new blog at

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Bill Brock said...

9 years old and 2080? I see two other Texans on the list

I notice the Dallas club has frequent events with participants over 2500--good way to get strong fast.