Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more pictures from the 9th US Chess School

participants in the tenth US Chess School
first row: Joshua Colas, Luke Harmon, Tommy He, Christopher Wu, Jonathan Chiang, Kapil Chandran
back row: Arthur Shen, Michael Bodek, Justus Williams, Kayden Troff, Anna Matlin, Sarah Chiang

group picture with teacher GM Alex Onischuk

pizza party Friday afternoon at the Marshall

Tommy He plays guest student Miguel Garcia in the blitz tournament

Mike Bodek and Justus Williams

Jonathan Chiang and Michael Bodek eat lunch in Washington Square Park

Tommy He and Christopher Wu choose cookies at the "cookie party"

Alex Onischuk has an advisory conference with Christopher Wu

GM Alex Onischuk

Anna Matlin

Christopher Wu

Jonathan Chiang

Kayden Troff

Luke Harmon

Justus Williams

Michael BodekSarah Chiang

Tommy He


es_trick said...

Nice looking group of kids!

Anonymous said...

went from 9th to 10th US Chess School so fast!