Wednesday, November 19, 2008

alice in wonderland

Alice's Chess Set
The pieces are translucent until they touch the squares.
read about it here. I just love everyone's obsession with making weird themed chess sets, despite the fact that no real chessplayer ever wants to play on them.

sets inappropriate for this blog


Anonymous said...

I've seen that set before and thought it looked cool then. I would love to see it in tournament chess - either with those who put their piece down and pick it up again, or those who hold the piece in their hand while they try to figure out the best square other then the one they almost went to. Can you imagine forgetting which piece you're holding? What about making the pieces disappear when you touch them - you'd always be able to tell when someone lets go of the piece. :)

Anonymous said...

You know who might play on that board, Phelps. Undisclosed industry secret coming up, The Crips, mainly Grape Street, had him under major extortion. Tookie was smoking some crack so pure he started barking like a dog, “arf arf”! Matt came outside in his boxers with a rolled up newspaper, the minute he saw the blue and purple rag he knew he was going to be under a payment plan. Instead they drew up a contract letting all of us use his bathroom whenever we wanted. Monster J would eat five bowls of Bahamian Yellow Grits and walk into his bedroom at 2am and drop a deuce, it smelled like Normady in '44. Meech Z use to give all his ho's an oral administration of Visine just so they'd have explosive diarrhea. The most they could fit on the seat was two, so the rest of the chickenheads would sit over the side of the bathtub and use it as a toilet troth. Anyone notice how his hair has gotten darker over the past months, he use to be a venetian blond in March. Shout out to Venice Shoreline, Playboy Gangster, and Bedrocc Crips. Tony Bogard you are in our prayers, peace.

Anonymous said...

lol i use to think you were annoying julius but now i check every popular chess blog for your comments

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I also believe that your comments are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Proof that julius g knows nothing about me!

I don't wear boxers.

So there!!